The Bachelor Winner is ... Melissa Rycroft!

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After what was an incredible 13th season and an emotional, two-hour season finale chock full of twists, turns and heartbreak, Jason Mesnick got down on one knee and proposed to Melissa Rycroft on The Bachelor Monday night.

It was an outcome many expected ever since a promo appeared to show Melissa's pinky ring. But it wasn't just ABC's sloppy editing job that gave the ending away - the chemistry between Melissa and Jason was palpable from the start.

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This is not to suggest Melissa Rycroft had it easy tonight. She was grilled hard by Jason's parents and brothers and even more importantly, win over little Ty.

Runner-up Molly Malaney put up a heck of a fight, only to fall just short. She may be second guessing the re-use of her high school prom dress as we speak.

As for DeAnna Pappas' much-hyped return? Well, that was completely useless, staged and comical, but it at least ate up a good 10 minutes of air time.

In the end, absolutely no one could quite measure up to Melissa Rycroft's rare blend of beauty, love and charm. She and Jason Mesnick are engaged and happy ...

... or ARE they?

You may have read The Bachelor spoilers suggesting Melissa and Jason are headed for a shocking early breakup - with Molly taking her place by his side.

Is this for real? Would you be happy if so? And did Jason make the right choice? We'll find out on the "After the Final Rose" special airing ... right now!

Sound off on Melissa Rycroft and The Bachelor finale below!


Are you kidding me, what a loser. I liked Jason so much thought he was such a great guy but honestly he is a piece of shit. He had no care for Mellissa's feelings.. I mean seriously have a heart.. melissa is a great girl she didnt do anything wrong. Honestly mellissa is amazing and she will find her happy ending! Molly on the other hand gave in to quick and threw herself at him.Make him work for it I mean comon!! Jason is a unstable wacko and will do the same thing to Molly in about a fews weeks when he gets sick of her. I feel so bad for mellissa if you are reading this just remember you're amazing beautifulm smart and just perfect .. you will find your mr right!!! I promise!!!


Melissa was fake. She was hiding lots of things in her life. I am so glad Jason changed his mind. I knew Melissa was not right for him. Molly and Jason are great together.


I wish someone would teach Jason correct usage of pronouns. Not only is he an a**hole, but stupid too! What a prize, Molly


wow somebody needs to take this guy out and kick his ass!! What a weirdo he turned out to me. Run Molly run !! melissa consider yourself lucky he doesn't deserve you not one bit.


what is everyone all upset about Jason is as gay as they come and Molly will soon find that out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grow up Jason and face it you belong on a homo reality show not screwing up beautiful womens heads...asshole!


I truly wish Molly would of laughed in his face and walked off the set..he is the biggest creep on two legs. Give Melissa her own show and let her pick her man one that she can trust and believe in. Jason you should rot in hell for this!!


What a damn fool he turned out to be!! i wish he would read what America really thinks about him becasue it is not good. Your son should be taken away from you, you are a sorry example of fatherhood. no wonder your first wife dumped your ass!! Molly is as fake as they come and she deserves you. what are you going to do if it don't work out go to contestant 3 ????????????


sorry, I meant "I am DONE watching "The Bachelor"


he is "THE MOST HATED MAN" and Molly, for jumping right into his mouth and pants, well she will get what she deserves, him! Not only did Melissa deserve that, but also Ty. He was telling them, here is our happy new family and soon to be step-mother, oh no, wait Ty now I pick Molly (who is ugly and has zero personality) for your step-mom. Melissa will do better but poor Ty being stuck with a d!ck-weed dad and this zero personality step-mom. Bet they dont get married. I am totally do watching "The Bachelor"


This guy gives men a bad rap....Jason you are the biggest cry baby I have ever seen. Grow the hell up and be a man. You have just made the biggest mistake of your life. Molly is as fake as they come. Jason you truly don't deserve a girl like Melissa. In my opinion Jason you need a good punch in the face!!

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