The Bachelor Winner is ... Melissa Rycroft!

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After what was an incredible 13th season and an emotional, two-hour season finale chock full of twists, turns and heartbreak, Jason Mesnick got down on one knee and proposed to Melissa Rycroft on The Bachelor Monday night.

It was an outcome many expected ever since a promo appeared to show Melissa's pinky ring. But it wasn't just ABC's sloppy editing job that gave the ending away - the chemistry between Melissa and Jason was palpable from the start.

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This is not to suggest Melissa Rycroft had it easy tonight. She was grilled hard by Jason's parents and brothers and even more importantly, win over little Ty.

Runner-up Molly Malaney put up a heck of a fight, only to fall just short. She may be second guessing the re-use of her high school prom dress as we speak.

As for DeAnna Pappas' much-hyped return? Well, that was completely useless, staged and comical, but it at least ate up a good 10 minutes of air time.

In the end, absolutely no one could quite measure up to Melissa Rycroft's rare blend of beauty, love and charm. She and Jason Mesnick are engaged and happy ...

... or ARE they?

You may have read The Bachelor spoilers suggesting Melissa and Jason are headed for a shocking early breakup - with Molly taking her place by his side.

Is this for real? Would you be happy if so? And did Jason make the right choice? We'll find out on the "After the Final Rose" special airing ... right now!

Sound off on Melissa Rycroft and The Bachelor finale below!


Jason you idiot. Melissa is so much hotter and real. Big loss jason. Melissa is so much happier with tye and have a beautiful baby. Melissa should have punished you after the show and tied you up in the room and spanked you hard over her knee then made him smell her feet then bring him in the bathroom and fill the sink with warm water then drop a bar of soap in there. First, pour some antibacterial liquid soap on a sponge and wash his mouth out. Scrub his mouth as you yell and pour a lot more in his mouth. Then grab the soap out of the water and grab jason by the chin and shove the soap in his mouth and twist the bar around. Make him bite down as you turn the bar in his mouth and rub it on his toungue. After you wash his mouth out for an hour push the bar in all the way and wrap ductape over his mouth and around. His head 5 times and strap him to your bed ass up and whip him as punishment.




Jason was a freak who cried about nothing anyway but Molly was definately right for him. Melissa was pathetic !!! That stupid leg wrap that she always done and i mean how fricken sickining was he connection was tai, she was such a fake. She was aleady trying to act like his mom. Im happy he left her. B**** Please.


That f***** asshole. Melissa was perfect and you break up with her to be with the dumb blondey? Don't you get it Jason. No wonder your wife divorced you. Poor dumb little man. Shame sucker, you'll regret this.


I AM FROM NEW ZEALAND AND I LOVE THIS SHOW! I DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENED OR WHO HURT WHO.. IT IS ALL JUST PUT ON FOR THE CAMERA. Jason is a sweetheart and if none of you ladies can see that then maybe you should take another look. Maybe try and be in the "bachelor or bachelorettes" position, then you would find out what its like. Jason i wish you and Ty all the best. But Melissa and Molly were my favourites. In the end it doesnt matter who won, as long as Jason got the best person for Ty to be around, and someone that Jason can spend the rest of this life with. Dyana wasnt the one for thim. We still have 2 or 3 more episodes to go until we find out the winner, But i had a cheat. Im glad i did I WOULD LOVE TO HVAE SOMEONE LIKE JASON IN MY LIFE.. HE IS AMAZING AND SO CARING YOU'LL NEVER FIND ANYONE WHO WOULD COMPARE TO HIM. (well maybe not in New Zealand)


man i dont care what happened or happens ty is a dick n i neva watching da bachelor agian ty u r such a dick


i dont know if i actuly belive this after all it is gosip


If I heard correctly from Jason when he was speaking to Melissa and watching her face, she knew it was coming. Jason said that they had not been getting along for three weeks(?, or was it more) and by the expression on her face she knew it was coming. And "Oh, by the way" it takes two and she could have put in an effort to fight for him, but she just sat there on her butt.


The ones who got away are the best off. Jason and Molly are selfish. Melissa grew on me since the finale but she is very young. She knew things weren't going well but should not have been dumped on TV. He's a classless act. He'll be alone again soon.


Mellisa, you are beautiful,honest,sincere & loving person. You don't deserved to get hurt. Jason was childish act like the age of his son after all. No wisdom, not honest, not sincere, not real man. COWARD...? No word of honor as a man. I don't believe all now what he say very obvious his a liar. As I replay the show mostly of his words are totally the same to all girls. As a father of a little boy be role model and be true to yourself as a matter of fact he is looking for great fame to be famous and Jason take this opportunity to hurt you because you are beautiful inside out. Now his talk of the whole world but the hates??? Jason would never get peace in his life, do you think he can sleep???? Can he be happy to hurt someone??? Whatever you do it will come back to you more painful...

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