The Bachelor Tribute: Molly Malaney

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Molly Malaney may not have made headlines at the onset of The Bachelor season (well, except on this site), but she caught Jason Mesnick's eye from day one.

The Michigan native has the whole package: She's athletic, pretty, funny, laid back, and surprisingly un-crazy for a girl who would try out for The Bachelor.

No wonder she and Jason have such a connection.

She's made it to the finals of this 13th season of the show, and while she may be the underdog to Melissa Rycroft going into the finale, don't count her out.

Especially not if these Bachelor spoilers are to be believed.

Rumors of a "shocking" ending and an "intimate" special afterwards have the show's fans abuzz. Whatever happens, we'll be brimming with anticipation Monday.

In honor of the season finale, here's a tribute to Molly Malaney.

Click to enlarge some great pictures we put together of her with Jason, then vote for your favorite remaining bachelorette in the poll below:

Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney Photo
Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney
Jason and Molly in the Tub
Jason and Molly Get Hot and Heavy
A Molly Malaney Moment
Bungee Jumping
Molly at the Rose Ceremony
Molly Looking Surprised
Molly Watches

Who do you want to win The Bachelor?


Please he made the right decision in breaking up with melissa she was to needy and would never beable to be her own person in any relationship. Molly is independent, beautiful, has personality, and has a lot to offer. You try making a life long decision in a matter of hours, the person you pick might not be the person you thought they were at all!!!YAY JASON AND MOLLY:)


He is so stupid. I wanted it to be jillian. All I can say now is that she is lucky to have escaped that wreck. No wonder he is divored. Deana and him are perfect for each other. Why would he do this in public? When other couples broke up they did not do it on TV. Is he searching for lime light? Does anyone think that his relationship with his son is un-natural.


If he dumped Melissa after proposal, just because he was torn, he needs help; he is not the person that we believed he is.I hope something happend and he has other excuse that make him a decent person.Will see, Monday-Tuesday are coming

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