The Bachelor Tribute: Melissa Rycroft

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From the moment The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick first laid eyes on Melissa Rycroft, he was smitten with the gorgeous former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

The more we got to know this eligible bachelorette - seeing her open up and show her emotional, vulnerable side - the more she endeared herself to fans.

It's no surprise Jason is flat-out giddy whenever she's around...

Melissa Rycroft and Jason Mesnick

She's made it to the final two on this epic season of the reality show, and by every indication, Melissa Rycroft has a good chance of winning the final rose.

Whether she ends up with Jason after that is another story.

The Bachelor spoilers predicting a shocking ending will either be very right or very wrong. But the dust will settle Monday, and we'll be there watching.

In honor of the season finale, here's a (gorgeous) photo tribute to Melissa.

Click to enlarge the pictures, including some hot and heavy shots with Jason, then vote for your favorite would-be Mrs. Mesnick in the poll below:

Melissa Rycroft Smiles
On Her Tip-Toes
Awaiting the Final Rose?
Eating Oysters
Hot Bachelor Make Out Scene!
Moving in on Melissa
Jason Mesnick Hugs Melissa Rycroft
Jason Mesnick Meets Melissa Rycroft
Jason Mesnick, Melissa Rycroft Kiss
Jason Mesnick, The Bachelor Girls
Melissa Rycroft Picture
Melissa Rycroft, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Rycroft, Melissa
Melissa Rycroft Photo
Melissa Rycroft Bikini Photo

Who do you want to win The Bachelor?


Does anyone know where I can find Melissa's yellow dress????


my heart goes out to melissa i think that was messed up and a dumb call


Hey Girl... He truly doesn't deserve u...and i will totally agree u said it best, he is a bastard!!! He has no shame and is so worthless - let them have eachother but Molly cannot even compare with u!!! stay true to yourself and you'll realize that Jason isn't who u thought he truly was!!! Happiness is still looking for you and get out there and grab ahold of it!!!Your too good for him!


Melissa Give me a shout! Lets talk...we live in the same state.


I think you need to forget men,.......turn over a new leaf and give women a try! ;-) Batavia, Ohio


Melissa, He deserves her and you deserve better. He is a loser and you almost made a big mistake. I hope some wonderful, rich guy has been watching and sweeps you off your feet. You said it best, He is a Bastard!!!

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