The Bachelor "After the Final Rose" Part II: Jason and Molly Going Strong; Jillian Harris is The Bachelorette!

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Last night's season finale of The Bachelor was one for the ages.

After making "the hardest decision he's ever had to make," Jason Mesnick bid farewell to Molly Malaney, got down on one knee and proposed to Melissa Rycroft.

Minutes later, in an intimate "After the Final Rose" special, the single dad shocked and angered the show's fans when he abruptly ditched her for Molly Malaney.

That set up tonight's second "After the Final Rose" installment.

Bachelor host-pimp Chris Harrison recaps the events thus far, then after boring interviews with fans (really) and ousted bachelorettes, updates us on the latest.

First on the hot seat? America's Most Hated, Jason Mesnick himself.

Jason basically spews the same vague BS from last night - he had no choice and felt bad dumping Melissa, but is more in love and better friends with Molly. Zzz.

Jason Mesnick: America's Most Hated

To say this guy is unpopular right now would be an understatement.

Melissa Rycroft declined to appear, but Molly Malaney takes the stage to discuss her relationship with Jason. Things are going well lately. Jason proclaims they're in love, Molly announces she's moving to Seattle, and they make out. Yay.

Finally, Chris announces the new star of The Bachelorette: Jillian Harris!

Are you satisfied by this ending, or just disgusted? Will Jason and Molly last, or will The Bachelor soon extend its futility streak to 0-for-13?

Share your thoughts below, and click to enlarge more pictures of Jason, Melissa, Molly, and the great Chris Harrison on last night's finale of The Bachelor:

Jason Waits
Chris Harrison: Pimp
Bachelor Pimp and Ho
Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney
Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft Engaged!
Jason Eyes the Ring
Jason Mesnick: Bachelor Bastard

I am happy for Jason and molly. They are in love and happy. It sucks for Melissa but people break up all the time and I think it is better that they broke up not rather than later. On so many bachelor seasons, I have thought that they should have picked the other person. Deanna even realized that she made a bad decision and she should have picked Jason. It's too late for her now but luckily it wasn't for Jason. Good luck Jason and Molly, I wish you the best :)


OMG! Livid is an understatement! I wasted my time watching him cry throughout the show. I was almost feeling sorry for him, but now I think he is a pansie ass! I was really hoping Molly would have said no way in hell so I could see him cry some more! O well, dry your tears, you got what you wanted and hurt people in the process!


I could possibly be the most pompous, self-righteous, arrogant jack-ass out there, and you have made me look like Gilligan, geez Jason Mesnick what an asshole you are


Today we had a necrophiliac that steals from families and eats dogs and Jason Mesnick we wouldn't put you are our show, we wouldn't want the bad press! you coward, you slithering ass-wart


whoa pal, in 40+ years of seeing every freak possible, you take the cake..I got nothing!


Im speechless Jason...I don't have an answer for you


Amanda you rock! Couldn't of said any better. I was just arrested for DUI, on my way to get some head. I have to spend time in jail, I was suspended from my job, lost money and been disgraced BUT i would NEVER do what lame little b*tch Jason Mesnick did and then cry like a whiny lil b*tch begging for my ass to be f*cked by a big man like me.


Jackie and Roberta I agree, Jason is a douchebag and his eyes are way too closse together


Roberta I agree he didn't have to break up with her on national tv and he didn't have to propose to her when he had feelings for Molly in the first place. The whole thing was handled very badly for Melissa. I think this site is fitting for it all.


Did Jason really need to break up with Melissa on national TV? Seemed very calculated and cruel. It just shows how this whole process is forced and manipulated. Jason seems like another guy who is pretty self-serving and loves the limelight. That said, anyone who proclaims they are in love and ready to get married after 6 weeks of TV dating better be prepared for another reality to hit when the cameras stop rolling. This is why most of these couples break up fairly quickly. Trista and Ryan have been an exception.

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