The Bachelor "After the Final Rose" Part II: Jason and Molly Going Strong; Jillian Harris is The Bachelorette!

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Last night's season finale of The Bachelor was one for the ages.

After making "the hardest decision he's ever had to make," Jason Mesnick bid farewell to Molly Malaney, got down on one knee and proposed to Melissa Rycroft.

Minutes later, in an intimate "After the Final Rose" special, the single dad shocked and angered the show's fans when he abruptly ditched her for Molly Malaney.

That set up tonight's second "After the Final Rose" installment.

Bachelor host-pimp Chris Harrison recaps the events thus far, then after boring interviews with fans (really) and ousted bachelorettes, updates us on the latest.

First on the hot seat? America's Most Hated, Jason Mesnick himself.

Jason basically spews the same vague BS from last night - he had no choice and felt bad dumping Melissa, but is more in love and better friends with Molly. Zzz.

Jason Mesnick: America's Most Hated

To say this guy is unpopular right now would be an understatement.

Melissa Rycroft declined to appear, but Molly Malaney takes the stage to discuss her relationship with Jason. Things are going well lately. Jason proclaims they're in love, Molly announces she's moving to Seattle, and they make out. Yay.

Finally, Chris announces the new star of The Bachelorette: Jillian Harris!

Are you satisfied by this ending, or just disgusted? Will Jason and Molly last, or will The Bachelor soon extend its futility streak to 0-for-13?

Share your thoughts below, and click to enlarge more pictures of Jason, Melissa, Molly, and the great Chris Harrison on last night's finale of The Bachelor:

Jason Waits
Chris Harrison: Pimp
Bachelor Pimp and Ho
Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney
Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft Engaged!
Jason Eyes the Ring
Jason Mesnick: Bachelor Bastard

Daddy come out of the closet and play with me....


OMG! Just saw it, he is disgusting, what a total jerk and clearly having an identy crisis...don't they check this stuf out first, or else ABC knows all about it just want a guy to go along with scam.




There is footage on TMZ of Jason Mesnick giving a handy job to a big muscle head. He is gay, why was he on bachelor?


Just saw a report on Acces Hollywood, he is defintiely gay


I like Jason and Molly, Melissa was very fake. When she was playing with jasons' son you couldn't see any real connection. He is so better off with Molly everyone just needs to get off his back and let them be happy. I think they were meant to be.


I wanted to now that who did Jason pck did he pick Molly I hope so I really like her she is verlly pretty and I really wanted her to get married with him talk to you soon Melissa Tatomir


I have to wonder...If a normal person sent someone packing and then was so torn up about it...hmmm...maybe that was a mistake. OK, but then why on earth would you propose to someone else minutes later, with all of those unresolved feelings? To me, it seemed clear that Jason was more drawn to Molly for weeks. It showed in the way he looked at her, touched her kissed her... I am still preplexed as to why he chose Melissa, (although I liked her better, over Molly. This all smacks of conspiracy to me!


Ummm...Sarah - sounds like you are the judgemental one. I would ususally never comment on something like this but what you put to poor Kelly really angered me. A lot of people are having the same reaction to this as she is and for you to use that to judge her character as a mother is completely insane. I mean what are you talking about? Just because she is posting an opinion she is not a good mother or girlfriend? And yet you slam on someone you don't know, based on a freaking paragraph that she wrote about a TV show? Get a life- you should be ashamed of yourself.


Jason really showed his character with how he broke up with Melissa. He only went back to Molly for one reason and his choice didn't stem from his heart or head but another anatomical body part. Molly definitely isn't ready to be a mom for his son.

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