The Bachelor Finale Sneak Preview: Decisions, Decisions ...

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He's fallen in love with two beautiful girls. Unfortunately, this isn't Big Love. There can be only one rose and one engagement ring distributed tonight in New Zealand.

The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick finally makes his choice on the season finale, and he's got quite the decision: Does he go with Molly Malaney or Melissa Rycroft?

Making the decision even tougher? A "surprise" visit by DeAnna Pappas ...

A couple of points before we throw it over to you for comments:

  • This is the cheesiest preview ever, even by Bachelor standards. Jason did a good job inserting "Molly" and "Melissa" into the generic Bachelor finale script.
  • Are we really supposed to believe Jason had no idea DeAnna was in New Zealand? Who takes a 67-hour flight to give someone they dumped a little advice?

What do you think is DeAnna's role in tonight's finale? Are The Bachelor spoilers going around legit? Who do you want to win? Vote and leave comments below!

Jason Mesnick should be with ...


I think a ( MAN ) ?? whom would treat ladies the way he did, has a lot of growing up.this is from a lady of 80 years old. Married 58 years, PS, as for the ladies they should leave him, RUn run . muriel


I was so disappointed in the ending of the Bachelor. I had almost decided never to watch again until I read that Jillian would be the Bachelorette. Stephanie, Jillian and Melissa were my most favorite girls. I was glad Jason picked Melissa. I thought it was awful to not give her a chance and break the engagement on TV. She is a class act and totally lovely inside and out. What a wonderful wife and mother she would have been for Jason. Molly was one of my two least favorites of the 25. She flaunts her stuff and I believe she won't last in any long term relationship. She is more come hither type than a faithful wife and Mom person. After what Jason did to that beautiful classy Melissa I guess they deserve each other.


I was very discusted with what happend on The Bachelor, How does Jason feel this is going to look, to his son....He should be ashamed of himself......


I just found out that tonight after the Bachelor, DeAnna will be doing a live video chat on The chat starts at 11PM ET and you can join it at Can’t wait to hear what she has to say!

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