The Bachelor "After the Final Rose" Stunner: Jason Mesnick Dumps Melissa Rycroft For Molly Malaney!

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In the show's previews throughout this season, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison has been promising viewers "the most shocking twist in Bachelor history."

Suffice it to say, he made good on the hype.

Jason and Melissa: The Bachelor

Despite proposing to Melissa Rycroft on the season finale that aired just moments ago, Jason Mesnick's engagement to the beautiful former cheerleader from Dallas, Tx., is apparently off after some unknown events took place in the past few months.

Turns out those scandalous Bachelor spoilers were more or less right.

The skinny: Six weeks have passed since the season finale was taped, but mere minutes for viewers. Jason tells Chris that it's not gonna work with Melissa, he's been thinking about Molly Malaney, and he's gonna dump Melissa on national TV.

Talk about a d!ck move. Oh, sorry, we mean "emotionally difficult."

Jason's news certainly did not go over well with Melissa, who calls Jason a bastard and makes completely valid points ... albeit ones that lose something when cameras pan to Chris next to her. She storms off, and Molly Malaney takes the stage.

Molly, who supposedly has no idea why she's there, and has not talked to him in six weeks, confides to Chris that despite his choosing Melissa in New Zealand, Jason is definitely still the man of her dreams. Convenient, and not at all staged.

Jason Mesnick returns to the stage and tells Molly how he just ended it with Melissa, then asks Molly on a date. She looks at Chris and stares blankly. This is beyond ridiculous and kind of depressing that a real network is airing it.

Molly agrees to take him back and "see where things go."

So, with another "After the Final Rose" special on tap tomorrow, we can only ask: What now? Are you upset by this turn of events? Comment below!




He is a loser. I found his info on superpages.
Jason S Mesnick
13426 NE 136th Pl
Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 825-5834


Jason Mesnick you lazy, low-life, user! People really hate you!


Jason Mesnick picked up on me at a gay bar in Seattle a year ago and pissed off my boyfriend. I can't forget those lil beaty eyes!


my roo-mate is an intern on THe Bachelor and all the rumors about this being planned are true, Jason Mesnick is into guys, lots of guys! Molly signed a contract to be his beard...much like Katie Holmes.


I just saw TMZ footage of Jason Mesnick making out with a huge dude, he is gay!!!! What a liar! Poor Ty. Molly is a stupid b*tch for doing that to another woman, she makes me sick. Enjoy your life as a beard.


Jason pretends to be the honest, nice guy. What a phony baloney. True colors always get revealed. And how in the world could Molly kiss him right after he dumped Melissa? Who does that? And says on Ellen, it's OK to be selfish for love. Selfish is the word for these two. No doubt, they're done.


Not just the most hated man in america but the most hated man in Canada as well. ABC give your heads a shake. We will all be happy tp see your ratings crash down next season.
molly....enjoy your sloppy seconds. Jayson....rot in hell!


I work at Starbucks in Grand Rapids and I waited on Molly a couple weeks ago and she was a B*tch, she was rude and impatient. Hope she is exposed for what she is


I dated Molly in college,yep she is definitely a lesbo...great tongue Molls!

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