The Bachelor "After the Final Rose" Stunner: Jason Mesnick Dumps Melissa Rycroft For Molly Malaney!

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In the show's previews throughout this season, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison has been promising viewers "the most shocking twist in Bachelor history."

Suffice it to say, he made good on the hype.

Jason and Melissa: The Bachelor

Despite proposing to Melissa Rycroft on the season finale that aired just moments ago, Jason Mesnick's engagement to the beautiful former cheerleader from Dallas, Tx., is apparently off after some unknown events took place in the past few months.

Turns out those scandalous Bachelor spoilers were more or less right.

The skinny: Six weeks have passed since the season finale was taped, but mere minutes for viewers. Jason tells Chris that it's not gonna work with Melissa, he's been thinking about Molly Malaney, and he's gonna dump Melissa on national TV.

Talk about a d!ck move. Oh, sorry, we mean "emotionally difficult."

Jason's news certainly did not go over well with Melissa, who calls Jason a bastard and makes completely valid points ... albeit ones that lose something when cameras pan to Chris next to her. She storms off, and Molly Malaney takes the stage.

Molly, who supposedly has no idea why she's there, and has not talked to him in six weeks, confides to Chris that despite his choosing Melissa in New Zealand, Jason is definitely still the man of her dreams. Convenient, and not at all staged.

Jason Mesnick returns to the stage and tells Molly how he just ended it with Melissa, then asks Molly on a date. She looks at Chris and stares blankly. This is beyond ridiculous and kind of depressing that a real network is airing it.

Molly agrees to take him back and "see where things go."

So, with another "After the Final Rose" special on tap tomorrow, we can only ask: What now? Are you upset by this turn of events? Comment below!


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Well everyone ...stop sympatising so much with Melissa, she seemed all fake right from the beginning..Molly and Jason seem more of a couple - more complete and not to mention cute .. what's wrong with someone following their heart ! I admire Jason for doing so...Melissa was in it for fame anyways more than finding love !


I think Molly is someone who just wants to win at any cost. She does not realize this loser does not make much money. So that is not a good deal. He lies. He indidcated he is a single father insinuating that he raises Ty alone. This is not true as he shares custody with Ty's mom who lives in Seattle. What other character flaws does this loser have? Other than the obvious as seen on tv. If I were Molly's parents I would be having a fit. I know they can't do anything but I would let my opinion be known


I cannot believe ABC and the host Chris would allow Jason to do on TV what he did to Melissa, she is a great girl and he should of broke up with her in private before the last show not on TV, talk about being in a awkward situation, I am sad Molly agreed to stay with him, he deserves no one. Good luck Melissa on DWTS you deserve to win girl.


Jason portrayed the action of a very imature and selfish male with no backbone when he chose to humilate Melissa on the air before the whole world. She had told him during the show that her parents were not comfortable with the public display of the whole thing and refused to meet with him. Yet he thought it best to embarass her just for the ratings of ABC. I think the producer should be fired who decided to go forward with that plan after Jason had told them that his choice was not Melissa. The both of you have proven to me your show is not one that I will watch in the future.If you have no morols or ethics, I will not have you in my home. Before this I was a loyal follower of the Bachelor/Bachelorette show. No more!!
Chris should be ashamed to announce something like it is exciting and like something you have never seen. He was right. No one else would be that inhuman and do such an ugly, humilating, awful thing to another human being. It was not amusing, nor funny..
An X fan


jason i think at the beging u should of none that molly was the one i could tell by just looking at her but u should of gave mlessia a chance


OMG. I agree with all you guys. Molly is so fake!!!! She was like at the beginning saying that she wish him good luck and was going to respect the decision. She has no RESPECT to her self. I would not take him back and just move on.


Jason is so stupid... really i thought melissa was better for him then molly... like i dont get this show is so dumb... it was all planned and everyone knows it... and i can totally see jason being gay


Michelle. YOU GET OVER IT! You're the type of chick guys DUMP all the time, you would think you would not be so judgmental of overs and their right to their own opinion.. You stupid b*tch. Do you own this site? yeah, didn't think so.

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