Spotted: Nancy Shevell and Paul McCartney in Paris

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We've never met or spoken to Nancy Shevell.

Still, the steady girlfriend of music legend Paul McCartney is one of our favorite celebrities. How come?

Because she isn't Heather Mills!

Shevell and McCartney have been dating since November 2007, as she appears to be everything Mills is not (i.e. sane).

The couple was recently spotted having dinner together in Paris. Sorry for intruding on the date, Nancy and Paul, but you guys just seem to happy together...


Click on the photos below for more images of Shevell and McCartney...

Dinner in Paris
No Photos Please
Pic of Paul McCartney
Photo of Nancy Shevell

[Photos: Splash News]


Most everyone I know, thinks Beauty is everything these days with the Hollywood crowd. Amazing that Paul is civil with anyone, since he is male and I presume has a roving eye like all males,presumably! Only your hairdresser knows for sure, what makes a gal look great!


Great going, Paul, I knew you'd find someone much much
better than "Hopalong".....I wish you both much happiness!!! Love,
Miriam in Ontario, California


On dry land even brackish water is good.
(what do you think is the worst? the choice between a hooker or a married bitch?)
"Meanwhile, it has been revealed Nancy’s family allegedly had links to the Mafia. The family’s firm New England Motor Freight, of which Nancy is now vice president, was accused by the US government of paying off Mafia bosses in order to be allowed to operate outside union rules... a lawsuit was filed against Nancy’s father Myron ‘Mike’ Shevell for allegedly having a “corrupt relationship� with reputed Mob killer and extortionist Tony Provenzano." UK newspapers are quicker in telling the truth about the adulteress and "heiress". And besides, Paul McCartney´s daughter had to work in Paris last week and so Paul, who has nothing to do, was there.

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