Speidi Discusses The Hills on The View

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The Hills' Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag visited the ladies of The View in an attempt to set a record for most annoying quasi-celebrities in one place to talk about their infamous sham wedding last fall as well as the MTV show's new season.

Despite a ridiculous claim that everything you see on The Hills is real, Spencer Pratt was candid about how Heidi's mom, Darlene, doesn't like him, as well as his plans to marry Heidi Montag for real at some point in the near future. Touching.

No major Hills spoilers, but still a fun interview for fans of the show. We'd prefer Lauren Conrad any day of the week, but we'll take what we can get ...


And too much information!
Who lives with their boyfriend for 3 years in separate rooms?
I guess it does fit more with their Christian faith commitments!...
I knew a guy who was dating a very pretty blonde like this, they lived together for a few years, seemingly had it all!...Then she got into a terrible car accident and because they were not married and she was just starting a new job, she had no health insurance, she could not get coverage from him, and he had no rights to visit her in the hospital or to make decisions when she was in a coma... She didn't have a will either and her parents were far away. It was a nightmare! He almost lost her!...and now she's in horrible debt with no legal protections. This is a true story.
Luckily, this boyfriend did not dump his disabled girlfriend, but now they REALLY don't have the money or logistics to get married!...
Moral of the story: your choice


WOW! So they are trying to claims they sleep in different rooms.

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