Some Celebs Twitter Deep Thoughts, Others Not So Much

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Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities, or John Mayer for that matter, are thinking right this second? Well, thanks to the marvelous invention known as Twitter, you can wonder no longer - just subscribe to their innermost thoughts.

You can start your Friday off with some inspirational words from Diddy, for example. He aims to motivate and carry you throughout your day, wherever it may lead:

Adorable Hand Holders

Some stars, like Selena Gomez, are looking forward to a weekend with family ... and venting about celeb gossip rumors linking them romantically to friends.

Then there's Demi Lovato, who's Twatting about (what else) Twitter itself, and how she wants to reach out to a certain douchebag musician ...

God knows why, since this is all he has to say. Why say anything? Seriously, no wonder Jennifer Aniston reportedly dumped his dumb ass over this crap ...

She's sad Blender shut down (will this recession spare nothing?!), but hey, at least Taylor Swift can appreciate the simple pleasures in life like free floss ...

OMG, Vanessa Hudgens is, like, psyched for Twitter follower #20,000! That lucky person will even personally Twatted on by the Hudge herself! Awesome!

Finally, some people have bigger problems to worry about, but still take the time to share what's going on in their day with the rest of us commoners ...


Thank you Obama for stimlus pay
Some worry you are going to take it back
It was fun while it lasted, new curtains, food i love that the price had went out of sight.
Went for riddes again for the gas went down in price.
Thanks and good to know you are there if I need more.


I followed that Vanessa for a while and just deleted today..I always thought it was a poser..she always said really unrelevant stuff.. and plus Zac and Vanessa both admitted at the 17 Again premiere that they both DON'T have a yeh that Vanessa one is a poser ..heres the video :


Aye this is a time sink as well, but at least on this site there is no room for constantly stroking your ego with meaningless updates about the random thoughts that pop into your head.


While I do agree that it's ridiculous how much time people waste on sites like Facebook and Twitter, isn't it also sad that people spend so much time on celebrity gossip sites like this one? (Myself included, I am pathetic.)


Twitter is a terrible waste of the brain. It just encourages mindless ego chatter that accounts for nothing. We have the planet that humans are destroying, a shitty economy, and terrible poverty over the world and people are all lost in their own fairy tales. It's sad ;(


the rest of them look legit and have been confirmed to be real but the Vanessa Hudgens one is definitely a poser. i don't get why people are so gullible. twitter and myspace are like cesspools for sad people trying to live vicariously through others.

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