Rihanna's New Gun Tattoo: Sexy or Sending Bad Message?

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You might think Rihanna would be the last person to glamorize violence after Chris Brown pounded her into oblivion and threatened to kill her last month.

But apparently, you'd be wrong.

For whatever reason, the 21-year-old star decided to have a small handgun tattooed on her body this week. The weapon has been etched across her ribcage.

Rihanna visited the appropriately named tattoo artist BangBang in L.A., and he initially drew a pair of guns on her guns - as in the sides of the tops of her arms.

The "Umbrella" singer decided against having a new tattoo inked on in such a prominent position, however, due to her contract with makeup brand Cover Girl.

BangBang wrote: "I really wanted to put it here [on her arms] ... She loved 'em. But, Cover Girl wouldn’t have liked it much, and they pay the bills!"

Rihanna Gun Tattoo

Rihanna has been keeping a low profile in recent times following her "alleged" assault at the hands of boyfriend Chris Brown, who went off on her during a heated argument in his sports car the day before the Grammy Awards.

The couple, who reconciled after the incident despite the domestic battery and criminal charges Brown faces, are said to be taking a break. Still no word on who sent the infamous booty call text that sparked the argument, Tina Davis or Natasha Ellie.

Brown is expected to be back in court for his arraignment April 6.

Follow the jump for another photo of Rihanna at the tattoo place, this time just the sketches of the guns on her arms before she decided against that ...

Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna decided against having these guns tattooed on hers.


I grew up around the type violence that Chris Brown inflicted upon Rihanna that fateful night. There is no turning back for either of them and I am sorry to say Chris Brown will not change.. no matter how much he may want to. Rihanna needs to get some counceling now because if she continues with her current course or actions (Chris Brown and the new Gun tattoo) she will end up a sad and lonely person with no career. The public will eventually stop caring about her and her music.


How do you spell LOOZER!


are you kidding Mz.Jazzy? my relationships aint been perfect neither, but she got the shit beat out of her, theres a difference. now a gun tat? she clearly has no self respect and iz a bad roll model


I think your tattoo's is so cute. In I think you should give Chris Brown another chance of a relationship because yall is a good coulps because any relationship anit prefect you gone alway gone go through so, thing. In if you really love him dont let him go but if he keep beating on you,you have to let that person go no matter how much love you got for that person.


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