Rihanna Goes Clubbing, Causes Chaos

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Stepping out for the second night in a row, Rihanna, who's taking a break from Chris Brown and showing it by partying at L.A.'s hottest nightclubs, caused a bit of a scene outside of Bar Deluxe, where she kicked it with friends on Thursday ...

Rihanna Clubbin'

Even Rihanna's friend is blown away by her gorgeousness.

As you can imagine, given her high-profile nature to begin with, the incident with Brown and even her controversial new gun tattoo, Rihanna causes chaos when she parties.

Click to enlarge more Rihanna photos from the club to see what we mean ...

Into the Light
Taking Rihanna Pictures
Off to Go Clubbing
Rihanna: Deluxe Edition
Barbados Beauty
Leading Rihanna
Gorgeous Rihanna

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U guyz cnt imagin how hurt she wil b at least she needs sumtin 2 take her mind off dat ass n bsides its lyk chris is datin again wat cn she do.


Yeah, she is 21. Remember her birthday was a weeks or so after he hit her. It was all over the news cos she spent it in Barbados I think.


Given her age how can she be clubbing anyways?? VIP priviledges perhaps. This might be the least of her concerns right now but she isn't 21 yet is she??


wow she was really hurt by the chris brown incident wasn't she...i feel really sorry for her


Not very smart Rihanna!!!! First Tattoos of guns and now out clubbing and lap dancing on guys! Makes you wonder who the mature one is out of her and Chris Brown, I have to say I admire the way he is handeling things, keeping on the down low, pulling out of the Nick Kids awards and then you have Rihanna, there are more beautiful and mature ways to express power rather than a gun tattoo and then go out clubbing like she is, I would say that is sooo Britany Spears and trampy!!!!


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