Rihanna-Chris Brown Sex Tape Rumors Surface

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How much mileage can celeb news sources get out of Rihanna and Chris Brown - and what lengths will they go to manufacture it when there's nothing good? That’s the question we’re asking after peeping up the latest gossip from Star Magazine.

The publication claims, verbatim:

"The leaked police photo of Rihanna's battered face stunned and horrified the world. But Star has learned that the pop princess worries that other shocking images could go public - wild sex tapes of her with abusive boyfriend Chris Brown!"

All together now: LOL.

Chris Brown Ogles Rihanna

An unreliable celeb gossip source says these two boinked on tape.

“Rihanna has no issues with her sexuality,” reveals a supposed, in-the-know Star insider. “But she’d be mortified if her friends and family found this out!”

Way to blab to Star, then, Mr. or Mrs. made-up anonymous source.

We realize that Rihanna sex tape rumors may help keep a popular story on the front page, but aren’t we all about to OD on all the insanity at some point?

At the very least, you could draw the line at making $h!t up, Star.

The Hollywood Gossip hereby moves that we as a celebrity news community focus our efforts on Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes for a bit. At some point, even Chris Brown deserves a break. Not from the legal system, just from us.


do u even like him and i love the song sos,pon de replay and what's my name


I love Rihanna she is hot, if we came to the case, having is not dab. I agree with the thing which Rihanna is doing.


That just looks like her but it is probably her lookalike po*nstar Lavish Styles. Snippets can be seen here:


umm i think rihanna is a slut and a sex addict she needs to get over herself and stop spending 2 minutes in every video clip before the words start to show off her body and her tattoos and the things she has i think she put everything that has happened on herself and i reckon shes fucking stupid for getting back with Chris after he bashed her anyways the bottom line is she needs to get over her looks and stop acting like a fucking child


meybe thats why he punch her!!! cause that is not him LOL


mre beaten 4 u bitch i jus hate go dead slut


i hate dat bitch slut whore i hate


rihanna i love you yau its great


chris brown is my baby


rhinna is stupid if chris brown did that to me i would do damage

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