Report: Bristol Palin Dumps Levi Johnston

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The teenage pregnancy and love affair that rocked last year's presidential race is over, at least according to unreliable celebrity news magazine Star.

That publication claims Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin, 18, has officially ditched her white trash baby daddy, Levi Johnston, 19.

Levi's sister, Mercede Johnston - who is also referred to as Mercedes Johnston by some publications, and was the girl mistaken for Bristol in that classic batch of girl-on-girl and gun pics surfacing last summer - is Star's supposed source.

She says Levi's life in in Wasilla, Alaska, is far from pretty.

"Bristol's just crazy. That's the nicest way I can put it," Mercede said.

Bristol reportedly broke up with Levi Johnston more than a month ago, and is not attending school or letting her baby daddy see their young son.

Levi Johnston and Tripp Johnston

WHITE TRASH: Levi Johnston has his last name tramp stamped on his arm. If she hasn't already, Bristol Palin should dump his ass for this alone. [Photos: Star]

According to Mercedes, Bristol Palin has almost completely cut Levi Johnston out of her life - and that of their two-month-old son, Tripp. No word on how Tripp's uncle Trig feels about all of this. Or about being named Trig.

"Levi tries to visit Tripp every single day, but Bristol makes it nearly impossible," his sister allegedly said. "She tells him he can't take the baby to our house because she doesn't want him around 'white trash'! She treats him so badly!"

Worse yet, Mercede says, the former V.P. candidate backs Bristol's treatment of Levi. "I used to love Sarah," Mercede says. "But I've lost respect for her."

This implies she had some to begin with, which may be the most surprising thing in this piece. We just hope Bristol's teenage fornicating days aren't over.

Do you buy this story? Will Bristol be knocked up again by 2010? Will she and Levi get married? Have you ever hunted wolves from a helicopter?

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A Lovely Sarah Palin Photo

Pretty funny, Bristol calling Levi white trash. Something about the pot calling the kettle black. If she actually said that. Also, I had heard that Levi had essentially broken off the engagement, which prompted the dumping of Levi. In his own words "he was not ready to get married".
All in all, I feel bad for Bristol. Hope she keeps up the good work about teen pregnancy. And Greta van Susteren? the female Rush? Not journalism.


No, Bristol is no Ho. She's just affectionate. Very willingly affectionate. Very physically affectionate. Oh, heck, for a good time call Wasila 555-1212. Ask for Trig's Mom.


I think Bristol is a ho. Just saying when she's on a date she needs to keep those knees together. I don't want her to date my boy. No more back seat rushing hands and roaming fingers.


Woo, if HE had spoken up he wouldn't see the baby at all - until he got a court order.


How can Sarah spin this pathetic situation to keep her political career on the right path? she can't because they are all white trash!


Leave them alone! They're kids and made the best decision for them. Would you rather they wait a couple of years and then split.


Sounds like somebody is hungry to get into the rag mags. If she was really being terrible to the guy HE would have spoken up, not his trashy photo posting sister.


I think Bristol Palin is over 18 and needs to start acting like an adult. Was the Fox News interview with Greta Van Susteren a complete fabrication? It will only takes one adult to start telling the truth. Didn't I hear Sarah say that the other grandmother was around somewhere as they were interviewing? If Mercedes is telling the truth that makes Bristol and Sarah liars. Was Greta in on the lies? What would a professional television interviewer do? Give us more spin? No comment? Tell more lies? Bristol and Sarah won't change. I'd like to see actual journalists tell the whole story. One gets the feeling alot of people have been involved in a gigantic fraud put on the voters. I'd like to have the names of journalists and politicians who have not pursued the questionable Palin behaviors.


so all the marriage drama they out up was for the elections and for the hockey mom its over...

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