In Case You Didn't Hate Octomom Enough ...

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With 14 young mouths to feed - yes, Octomom had six frickin' kids prior to cranking out her famous, artificially-inseminated octuplets in January - it's easy to see how Nadya Suleman could drop $1,500 on clothing in a single shopping trip.

Oh, except that they were for herself.

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Nadya Suleman went on a major shopping spree yesterday at a Bebe Sport store, and no, it wasn't' a Baby Bebe or equivalent. It was all for the fame whore.

Octomom wasted $1,500 on t-shirts, tank tops, a sexy metallic cami, a woven cargo dress, crystal heart sweatsuits (two colors) and some sports bras.

The worst part came when the unemployed Octomom, who claims society is unfairly judging her because she is a single mother, was asked for ID by a clerk.

A blonde friend (yes, she apparently has some) who was with her responded, with no small amount of indignation, "Oh come on, don't you know who she is?"

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is a resounding yes.


I am so sick of that nasty, overinflated imitation having lipped octo-slut. One day the infamy and money will dry up once people tire of her circus. Too bad those children have a lunatic unfit mother, they deserve better. I notice Dr. Phil jumping off the loony ship too, and not a moment too soon. He probably has regrets about Octo-slut and realized he's been taken for a ride. And now that she fired Angels in Waiting, broke California foots the bill. When will this madness end?


just proves that Angel in waiting are not lying about the whore never being home to taking care of her 14 kids. I saw on radar in the back ground her father still around. guess he didn't go oversea to work to support her. I can't believe how she treat her mom. I just wanted to slap her in the face. After all the that woman did for her. the state should step in and adopt the kids to loving homes.


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