Nicole Scherzinger: Super, Super Skinny

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Nicole Scherzinger and the Pussycat Dolls appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week.

The all-female group performed its English remix of the Slumdog Millionaire smash "Jai Ho" on the program. It's an unoriginal remake, used to help the quartet ride the movie's Academy Award-winning coattails.

Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger Pic

Prior to the performance, Scherzinger posed outside of Fallon's studio. A few seconds later, a strong gust of wind knocked the singer over and ruined the shot...

What is wrong with this picture?


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How does she ge so skinny?? Have u seen her body now??? Id loe to have a body like that??? Any advice on how I can get. Boddy like that?


she's beautiful but don't know what's wrong with her in this picture ...why her belly is so skinny ?? anyway she's awesome ;)


What is wrong with the picture is that you aren't showing all of her boots. Better photographer required. She looks great. Some of her music is ok too.


She sho do need to eat some food! Get some meat on them bones! No ass and legs! Beautiful face but, that kind of a "twiggy look" and something that most white boys like. That is why Crist got all mad like its his women. lol I saw her in videos and she is pulling a twiggy body everytime i see her! lol Poor thang, eat some food i know your even more skinny off carma. @ Crist, what do u care what we think? Keep fantasizing about bones with your bone and just ignore our opinions, u big dummy! lmao

Avatar all are insecure persons..why you said that nicoles body is been edited..nicoles body is so sexy..infact i have many photos printed of the pussycat dolls..nicole is so gorgeous


omg dats not even a real photo, thats been edited like one of the pics of rihanna a while ago just before the real one came out of her covered in bruises, that pic of Nicoles been edited


Who dresses worst, her or Paula Abdul?


Who dresses worst, her or Paula Abdul?


oh my god this girl needs to eat some food. it's very sickening :@