Nadya Suleman Talks About Stripper Past, Brushes Off Critics, Denies Being Drain on Society

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Octomom, a.k.a. Nadya Suleman, continued to soak up attention downplayed her stripper past during an interview with nationally syndicated radio host Big Boy.

"The only thing I'm going to say is we all have a past," Suleman said, "and I don't want to resurrect that. It's dead... but no, not like a career or job."

The National Enquirer reported Suleman quit exotic dancing after one night when she learned she had to give customers lap dances. Sorry if you've just gotten sick from envisioning Octomom grinding up in your business right now.

Nadya Suleman also slammed Angels in Waiting - the charity providing free childcare for her 14 children until she fired them earlier this week.

She called them spies and said "it was a scam. There was no money. They had no resources. They were placed in the house to try to set me up for failure."

Suleman says her home is "peaceful," these days, albeit challenging.

"It's harder for me to to really discipline and maintain that consistence with the older kids," lamented Octomom. "The babies are amazingly easy."

Octomom on the Horn

Seen here taking an important work call - just kidding, she doesn't work! - Octomom says she's not bothered by people's criticism of her lifestyle.

"Five years ago, it would be really hard because I'd be emotionally reacting to people's judgments, but because of the counseling I've been through, I've learned to become mindful... separate yourself from your body and what's happening."

She plans on being a single parent, and wouldn't introduce a man "to my kids ever," Suleman said. "I really don't see marriage in my future. "I've never believed in the institution of marriage. I'm a mom, 100 percent."

The insane mom, who has made money from selling her photos and story but is not currently employed, said she's "not capitalizing" on her kids.

"I'm using every resource I can secure to provide for my children. What else am I gonna do?" she said. "I'm not a burden on any taxpayer."

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Mother of 14

Yea Go Get Em Nadia you Sexy Mama Make some $$ so you can shut these negative @#%&!s up.


I dont understand why people hate her so much. Yes she made bad choices. Yes shes in the media a lot but thats the medias falt. If they would stay away from her then maybe she wouldnt be such an attention getter. If people wouldnt buy the magazines with her in them then they would stop. Even everyone on this board putting her in the spotlight. I agree she has too many kids but what about all the other welfare moms that keep pooping out kids just to get a raise in their food stamps? Im a single mom and have never received child support and im doing just fine. At first I received food stamps,cash assistance, and childcare. Now im a labtech and make very good money so I give back when I can .She is human and should be able to make mistakes just like every one of you. Who are you to judge the depth of a mistake? Remember this one? Judge not lest ye be judged?


I think that wwe should just ignore her and maybe she will go away.
I also feel that Dr. Phil is to blame foe a lot of this he needs to try and help people that need help instead of trying to make ratings !!!!!
Ithink it came back to bite him in his butt.!!!!
i will never watch his show again


This bit*h is CRAZY... enough said.


I guess the babies are easy when you have someone else taking care of them and not you. Hell, if they cry, hand them over to the nannies,if they need feeding,the nannies are there to feed them,diapers? Hell nannies are there to change them. What about the 2am feedings? The nannies will get up. Heaven forbid, you should get up to take care of them.


damn girl...people with one kid don't get to shop like that.oh yah, thats right, we pay our medical bills and buy our own groceries! you need to really get back to reality. i feel sorry for your kids. how you can sell their pictures for your own selfish reasons. you say you don't want all the media around, well stop calling them and making deals with them.enjoy your 15 minutes of fame , i have a feeling it will be ending soon...people are starting to get fed up with your selfish antics


Oh yeah, sure she's "not a burden on any taxpayer" ... must be nice to live in LA LA LAND Nadya Who's paying for your recent delivery at Kaiser and who's paying for all your octuplet's hospital bills?? Who paid for all your OTHER 6 childrens' births & bills?? Did YOU, Nadya? I DON'T THINK SO !! What a lying, scheming, scamming scumbag this woman is and she only spent 8 hours out of 102 caring for her babies while the Angels staff was in her home and she calls THEM a SCAM ?? SHE'S the SCAM and the MEDIA MONEY WHORE !!!


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