Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick: So Happy Together

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It's been quite a week for Jason Mesnick.

More than 17 million viewers watched the single dad get down on one knee and propose to Dallas beauty Melissa Rycroft on the two-hour season finale of The Bachelor, only to dump her like 45 seconds later on the "After the Final Rose" special.

Mesnick then confessed he still had feelings for Michigan department store buyer Molly Malaney - to the dismay of Rycroft, who said in her first interview after the finale that Jason lied about Molly to her on more than one occasion.

The shocking events will be hotly debated for some time, but Jason and Molly are brushing off the haters and looking very happy on the cover of People.

In an exclusive sit-down interview with the celeb news magazine, Jason again defends his decision to dump Melissa Rycroft in front of the ABC cameras.

"That was part of the deal. I signed up for this. Your relationship is - good and bad - in front of everybody," Mesnick lied to People through his teeth.

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In her interview, as well as her personal emails to Jason, Melissa Rycroft did corroborrate The Bachelor star's statement that they drifted apart shortly after they returned from New Zealand and tried to resume their normal lives.

"After we got back into the real world, we had less to talk about, and I didn't know why," says Jason, who couldn't stop thinking about the girl he left behind.

Turns out Molly Malaney shared similar feelings.

"After the finale I thought he made the wrong decision and I was so upset. I was totally shocked," Malaney says. "I thought, Gosh, it would be so awesome if he called me up and was like 'I made a mistake, I want you back.'"

"Never in a million years did I think it would happen."


Jason is a crybaby piece of shit! when things get tough in a relatinship he either cries of bails out. Good luck with this loser molly.


Jason is such a loser. I can't believe we fell for his sobbing act! Melissa is so classy. Molly has no class. She dissed Melissa during the final rose ceremony. I hope that Jason and Molly split up and maybe he will finally realize what he lost in Melissa. As for ABC, I don't think I will be watching anymore. Jillian as the next bachelorette really sucks. No pizzazz there!


Molly is beautiful and intelligent. Jason made the right decision and went with his heart and his head. It takes a lot of guts to do what he did, but it happens ALL THE TIME in the real why is everyone SOOOO pissed off about it??? They are not engaaged and she is not pregnant, so everyone should just lay off the two of them. AND--Melissa has said several times that her and Jason were broken up before the first ATFR, so he didnt end something and turn right around and ask Molly out...there was time inbetween, you just dont see that because ABC edits it to look differently.


Molly is so fake. If you look at the tapes. every time she said "I think i'm really falling for you." or "i get butterflies when YOU come around." it just looks so rehearsed!! her smile looks fake and she IS fake. I doubt she really likes Jason, it's probably just all about wining for her, but nevertheless they deserve each other. I hope they end soon. Poor Ty better not to have an evil stepmom like Molly.. can you imagine? poor kid~ And i'm so happy for Melissa, her and her bf look adorable together.


Whatever happened to the girlfriend rule of not dating a friend's boyfriend? This just goes to show you how little class Molly has. Even if she still had feelings for that smuck Jason it gives her no excuse to be all over him in a matter of minutes after he left Melissa go. That's fine that he wanted to end things with Melissa but at least he should of had some kind of waiting period before starting things back up with Melissa. It almost appeared as if Molly knew what was happening before Jason said it. She certainly isn't an actress. I hope Jason's ex goes for full custody of their son for putting him through all this and I hope all of his clients change who they do business with just based on his integrity. Good luck to you Melissa, you deserve the best.


I think it's wonderful, that Jason stood up and ended it, it took guts if you ask me. My first thought was that he needed to find out who he truly loved. He did find out, when he picked Melissa. When he cryed after telling Molly she wasn't the one. I knew then that he truly loved Molly, he didn't know that yet.
God Bless them both


Jason: You disgust me! You don't deserve Melissa!!! You deserve that "Thing" ( Molly ) . A little more makeup and she can join the circus. Apparently you are NOT a good parent!!!! I don't think you meant a word you said on this whole series. You are an ingrate!!! I Pray that Melissa finds a man that deserves her! She is the sweetest person and you treated her like dirt. It was always all about you!!!! How many times this season did you tell yourself: OH! I'm in love. How many different women???? Too many! I hope I never see your dispicable face again and I hope your rediculous engagement to Molly falls apart. She is sooooo sickening!!! I hope you enjoy the fangs that she has for teeth.You really are a B******d!!! And she is a S****t!!!!!


Molly, you are dumber than you look! First on all I always thought Jason was sweet and deserved to find love. But what he did to Molly on national TV shows EXACTLY who and what he is. He dumped you first on National TV, and then you take him the end of the were busy hugging ALL over him. You must be ONE desperate women. You showed no respect for yourself, and have no class....but then again you are from Michigan....and I know ALOT of trashy people come from there!!! You deserve Jason...both are classless, and stupid...I just feel sorry for this little boy.


Retards!! They deserve eachother!!

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