Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick: So Happy Together

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It's been quite a week for Jason Mesnick.

More than 17 million viewers watched the single dad get down on one knee and propose to Dallas beauty Melissa Rycroft on the two-hour season finale of The Bachelor, only to dump her like 45 seconds later on the "After the Final Rose" special.

Mesnick then confessed he still had feelings for Michigan department store buyer Molly Malaney - to the dismay of Rycroft, who said in her first interview after the finale that Jason lied about Molly to her on more than one occasion.

The shocking events will be hotly debated for some time, but Jason and Molly are brushing off the haters and looking very happy on the cover of People.

In an exclusive sit-down interview with the celeb news magazine, Jason again defends his decision to dump Melissa Rycroft in front of the ABC cameras.

"That was part of the deal. I signed up for this. Your relationship is - good and bad - in front of everybody," Mesnick lied to People through his teeth.

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In her interview, as well as her personal emails to Jason, Melissa Rycroft did corroborrate The Bachelor star's statement that they drifted apart shortly after they returned from New Zealand and tried to resume their normal lives.

"After we got back into the real world, we had less to talk about, and I didn't know why," says Jason, who couldn't stop thinking about the girl he left behind.

Turns out Molly Malaney shared similar feelings.

"After the finale I thought he made the wrong decision and I was so upset. I was totally shocked," Malaney says. "I thought, Gosh, it would be so awesome if he called me up and was like 'I made a mistake, I want you back.'"

"Never in a million years did I think it would happen."


Jason S Mesnick
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4258255834 Howdy fans of mine! I am doing a relationship radio show here in Seattle. I will talk about love, how to find it, keep it, marry it!!!! Please be part of the show! Thanks for all your support! Love Jason, Molly & Ty


I think Molly is Beautiful too. I can't understand why people are sooo judgmental. Get a life people and let them live there's. I am glad he did not settle for Melissa. It's not as if it was going smooth the instant they got back. Why waste each other's time and energy.


I feel strongly that the pace and excitement of this show must be confusing and stressful. That is why it is hard for most people to date several at one time and pick a life partner and so few couples have made it. I also believe that alot a backlash and hurtful comments are coming from some viewers whose own heartbreaks are being relived. Jason is human and did make mistakes but he is still a great guy and an awesome dad! I hope he and Molly's love will survive this chaos. I think he wanted her all along and just needed to see that she really felt strongly for him also. They are adorable together and I was hoping it was her from the beginning. I wish them luck and hope they will hold their heads high and move forward.


Yes, it was really quite a show for the millions who watched this useless reality show. I do feel sorry for Melissa, but Jason is the biggest loser of them all. This man has a degree in psychology! Give me a break. I think that he needs some thorough counseling and does not need to date anyone for at least a year. No one should introduce their small child to their date partner until they are absolutely sure that he/she is the right one. Needless to say that Jason must have really needed the money and Molly can't wait to go to Hollywood. Melissa should count her blessings and she will be the one who has the last laugh. I will NOT waste anymore time on this show.


I don't understand why everyone is so worked up about Jason's change of heart. Everyone has a right to change their mind and when he went back to the real world when all the cameras are off and tried out a life with Melissa, he just wasn't feeling it. It's great that he was honest and didn't allow the relationship to go further. The result would have been the same, but now he is able to be with Molly, who he couldn't stop thinking about. People need to be more understanding.


It's all fake. Look at that cover. If you are a body language expert, you can tell they are not real smiles. Jason looks like he wants to get the hell out of there and Molly's eyes are dead. Real smiles make your eyes crinkle.
As to if this was planned, oh yeah it was! No way would Molly have taken him back so quickly. Melissa just left the stage and you go falling back into your dumper's arms?! No self respecting woman would do that. At the least, you would have said, we can talk about this and take it slowly to see what happens. Not skip off into the sunset stage right all smiling.
I hate this show and hate that I am addicted to it. Hopefully, Jillian will bring some class to the next session, but after that hot tub scene; probably not...


The only "mistake" really was made mutually by Jason and Melissa. At the Final Rose Ceremony, Jason didn't have to propose marriage, and Melissa didn't have to accept. They could have both saved themselves grief had they not made that commitment. It was a mutual decision, and they are equally to blame. It was in the aftermath that the two realized they weren't meant for each other and the "breakup" occurred. But, truly, it was hardly a breakup as they barely knew each other outside of the show. Good luck to Jason and Melissa as they go their separate ways on the journey of life!


Shame on Jason to break someone heart on national TV (Melissa). Melissa you deserve so much more. Jason is such a "JERK" to break it off on TV. He is no man with respect for a Woman heart. Melissa you were the right woman for Jason, Molly sure played him and I hope they will end up alone.What great actor both of them. The "TENT" we all know Jason and Molly slept together. Maybe that is the big reason why he ended it with Melissa, Molly is "PREGNANT" WOW what a dramatic change Bachelor History. Melissa my heart aches for you and you will find your prince charming and he will love you forever. "YOU GO MELISSA"


You all need to get a life and start worrying about REAL LIFE issues, not reality TV. Let these people live their lives the way they want - why the hell are you all so interested in it? You said your 2 cents, now get over it. The real losers are you all who are wasting your time venting when I am pretty positive Jason and Molly could give half a rat's ass. Your opinions mean nothing, as this is Jason and Molly's life, NOT YOURS. Get over it.



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