Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston Shop For Food, Attention

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Fortunately, when Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston were spotted out and about over the weekend, there were no racy cleavage pics or Asian mockery. Just good old-fashioned attention-seeking PDAs and poses. See? Who needs controversy?

The pair got cozy during an outing in L.A. on Saturday, hitting up Barnes and Noble in Studio City and Market City Cafe in Burbank, then meeting up with Miley's mom, Tish, for a late lunch. Here's a picture of the smiling pair ...

Two Lovebirds

Miley Cyrus smiles ear-to-ear, and with good reason. She's got a hot guy and droves of celeb gossip photographers covering her every move, just how she likes it.

Good to see these two are doing well with their odd relationship. We don't care what you guys say, Justin totally looks like a young Billy Ray, the man who's basically grooming him to date his underage daughter. Quite weird.

Anyway, click to enlarge more pics of Miley and Justin ...

Walk With Me Girl
Props to Celeb News Media
Young Lovers
Miley Cyrus, Boyfriend Pic
Miley, Justin and Tish
Miley and Justin Strollin'
Checkout Love
Cyrus and Gaston Pic
Gaston and Cyrus

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ummmm im sorry but they arnt "pimping" her out. and who is to say he is a pedophile...he isnt hitting up random young girls. they have known each other a long time. and her parents are ok with it. he hasnt been arrest for it. so hes not doing anything wrong. if he was he would be in jail. but hes not. they are happy with eachother. so worry about your own kids. or worry about your self.yeah its weird that she is only 16 but if they were doing something wrong im sure her parents would stop it and or the cops.


Her parents should win the "Parents of the Year" award.


Her parents are pedophile enablers, or child pimps; however you want to spin it.


Why would 16 year old girl who lives with her parents need to shop for food?


Why would 16 year old girl who lives with her parents need to shop for food?

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