Miley Cyrus has Miles to Go, Fans to Greet

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From best friends with a grilled cheese sandwich to beloved superstar.

As she outlines in her newly-released memoir, Miles to Go, Miley Cyrus truly has come a long way.

During a promotional tour for her autobiography, the singer stopped by a Barnes & Noble in New York City this week in order to meet and greet fans - and charge them money to read about her personal struggles.

Miles to Go Signing

Will you purchase Miles to Go?


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lovelovelove the book!
follow me on twitter for the latest news on miley cyrus "shes just being miley"


It is an amazing book! It really shows another side to miley that you would never expect. I used to think that she was rich and famous just by her dad (Much as i Loved Her) But now i realized how hard workin and determined she is. Her life is so hectic i wouldnt last a week in her shoes! So all you haters out there, hust realize how hard she has worked for the spotlight!


hi miley my name is big_a if you are the real miley this is my email ( you are the best miley cyrus the best im in 16 old call me ok thank's my friend


Miley'z book is awsome!


oh woohoo, she wrote a book. It doesn't mean that it will be a good one.


a book? at fu*king 16? retarded.


Personal struggles?? Like getting dissed by Radiohead..ha!




I read it in like a day :P it was amazing it shows a completey different side to miley that no1 gets to see like it was soooo good :D