Miley Cyrus Defends Latest Set of Racy Photos

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First, there was Vanity Fair-gate.


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    This picture really... mmm. I could beat off all day to this shit.


    Gee...racy photos, pole dancing, making sure the media sees her underage body in skimpy outfits...say hello to the new Lindsey Lohan!


    miley i love your movie's soo much


    dude leave her alone she is a teen teens do this stuff its normal bi----


    miley im sorry to say thhs bt ur a hoe/slut/ i like it


    well if she is looking for attention then that's what the media will give her. From the having and older boyfriend, to the unnecessary dancing in the store the other day. That girl needs to sit down and think about her life, becasue the way she is going, it's just a matter of time you hear about her in some rehab place seeking help. I liked her. I would watch her shows and listen to her music. I still do but she just needs to slow down, and her father needs to look at this seriously. It's just sad.




    just leave her alone


    I do not particularly like miley but seriously ... if you cant see by now that THE MEDIA ARE JUST A BUNCH OF ATTENTION WHORES, you never will. They're playing who can get the most totally non-scandalous scandals.


    WOW!!! This article is a joke! leave the poor girl alone for goodness sakes. as far as i am concern she's not doing one damn thing wrong here and it's a joke that anyone would actually post this at all. personally i cant stand people into all this crap. i mean i read it cuz im bored at work and working over night doesnt really have to many other options but personally i wish people would just leave celebrities alone. they arent that big of a deal...and ps about the older bf thing 1st shes age of consent so u couldnt throw him in prison 2nd if her parents are cool with it obviously they are thrn hes prob a good guy and finally no one would give two sh*ts if shes was 20 and him 24 its just seems weird cuz shes still a teen but girls really do mature way faster then most guys so im sure asumming he matured accordingly they are the perfect ages for each other. :) leave miley alone! no one even knows her really so back off!

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