Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston: Shirtless, Cleavage-Laden Joggers

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Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston went for a job together earlier this week.

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    miley cyrus mite have done that but she still rocks i mean party in the usa that mite be the best song i ever heard


    what the hell this is all crappie **** and what a perv. Justin Gaston he is such a low life loser.


    ya this is over-rated if i was to run around in my bathing suite w/ a tshirt over it noone wuld make it into a big deal.. but the moment miley cyrus does the world comes to a freakin end. this is gay these reporters need to get lifes.. nd stop starting drama to ruin everyone elses. i agree w/ sarah 100%


    i dont think she should eather. but they reason she isnt in a sports bra or what ever you want her to be in is cuz she was going to wash a friends car. and they were going down there. she said all of this on 102.7 this morning. they just left that part out of their big news on her cuz they want her to look bad. how many pics have you seen pics of celebs on the beach and their boob falls out? they dont mean to. but sometimes it happens. her didnt fall out but her top started falling. the reason its lame and im commeting is cuz its not told right. they leave things out to make people look bad. and lizz why dont you go eat a dick.


    well i think this is rather stupid. I agree with lizz no 16 year old should be running around in the middle of the street with her boobs out. However i dont think theres anything wrong with him being 20 and her 16. my bestfriend, [15] is going out with a twenty one year old and nothings wrong.


    If it just lame sarah why are you commenting on it? Lol loser! What the hell is wrong with her?! I usually stick up for her but a 16 year old should not be going around the streets with her boobs hanging out!


    this is stupid. who cares if they are together. i think they make a good couple. yeah hes older but so what. you want her to grow up fast and not act like a kid making funny faces...but when she dates someone a lil older its so wrong. im not a fan of hers i dont watch her show or listen to her songs or anything but really...what does she have to do to make everyone happy. get over it. there is nothing wrong with her wearing her swim wear. again i say who cares. they are going down the street not having sex so why should he be in prison? her father like him. so who cares. if your going to talk smake make sure its for a good reason. not something stupid like this. this isnt news. this is lame.


    Why is Gaston not in prison by now? Where's Chris Hansen when you need him...

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