Melissa Rycroft: Jason Mesnick Lied About Molly Malaney

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After a tumultuous and "historic" season finale of The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney say they are extremely happy. Melissa Rycroft? Not so much.

On today's Ellen DeGeneres Show, M-Ry is speaking out for the first time about being dispatched by her Bachelor fiance on national TV and how hurt she was when she discovered that he had been dating runner-up Molly.

When did things fall apart? Melissa says "it was pretty immediate" after the finale that Jason Mesnick realized he didn't want to be with her.

"Once we got back to the real world, we were talking about how [our relationship] was different. He kind of gave up, and I couldn't understand why at the time. Now I do - because I think there was someone else involved."

"And that is where my feelings of betrayal came in," Melissa Rycroft added.

Melissa says their engagement did not end on TV, as it may have appeared to viewers who saw him propose 25 seconds prior, but Jason was still dishonest.

Jason and Melissa: The Bachelor

The chemistry between these two faded fast after the finale.

"I knew on the night After the Final Rose [aired], I wasn't getting dumped. We had already ended the relationship and that was mutual."

"I repeatedly asked Jason, 'Is Molly involved in anything?' And when they moved up the taping of the After the Final Rose special [to January], I was thinking to myself, 'Why did we move the taping up? What's going on?'"

"I asked Jason, 'Am I going to be blind-sided by anything? Is there anything you want to tell me?' And he said, 'No, gosh no.' And the second I went out on that stage, he goes, 'P.S. it is Molly.' And I went, 'Bastard!'"

Even as Jason Mesnick initially denied he was dating Molly Malaney, Melissa Rycroft had a hunch something was going on with them.

"Being a girl, you get that feeling," she says.

"Anybody that's been cheated on, you know. Being a woman, I got that feeling, because he just backed away from me, and I knew he had contacted her."

"There had been at least one contact that I knew about, where he was 'checking on her,' and so it was just in the back of my mind. I would just casually ask, 'Are you talking to her? Have you talked to her? Tell me, just be honest.'"

"He kept saying no," she said.

Melissa Rycroft also referenced the e-mail exchange she had with Jason Mesnick "right after we filmed After the Final Rose."

"I instigated it ... and wish I hadn't," she says. "I felt like I needed to apologize for getting that angry with him, but at the same time, I said, 'I hope you know why I got that mad.' We weren't talking at that point, so it was my way off saying, 'This is my closure ... Don't reply back.'"

Asked if she could ever be friends with Jason or Molly, Rycroft says, "No."

"Jason and Molly don't quite have the characteristics of [people] I would want to be friends with," she says. "On a level, they both did betray me. I understand it was a break-up, and I'm not mad about that. We all get broken up with, but to be lied to...."

Rycroft says she is moving on and is even dating a new guy - one ironically named Ty (although she declined to reveal any more details).

"Because of the privacy and everything going on, we haven't really been able to explore a new relationship, but now that everything is over, I'm so excited," she says.

"I've known him for two years and kind of done the dating on-and-off. He has been my biggest rock and supporter throughout this whole process. He's my best friend."

He's a lucky dude.

If you missed it the first time or just like watching slow-motion train wrecks, here's the video of Melissa getting the boot on national TV ...


Ya'll leave Molly & Jason alone. They r the best couple ever and I love them. Melissa, it wasn't meant to be Hun' get over it


I don't get why you're all so angry.. He's trying to find happiness. We all makes mistakes. Jason and Molly are great together!


jason is a jerk lmolly is a whore


Jason is, as we say in Afrikaans, a POEPHOL !! (poophole).
Molly was out to get him from the start. She slept with him on two occasions THAT WE KNOW OF. In the end it will be poor Ty and the baby who is going to suffer. One day Melissa will look back on this and be gratefull that she didn't marry this idiotic jerk !!!


i feel true about melissas words jdfipoj GUPJ


Hey Melissa.I think you are better off with Jason.If he really knew what he was doing he would have picked Molly in the first place.I'm glad you don't stress over it,because it's his loss not yours.I think they both treated you wrong, and you are doing the right thing befriending them.Besides, no girl is stupid enough to get back with a guy who puts her second.That's common sense.If he was going to hurt you like that,he should of never picked you.He wasn't the only one looking for love.He should of known not to play with your heart like that.He's not the only one with feelings.So I hope you are doinggreat, and never let a guy take an advantge of you!


Jason is a moron! You can't take that back. What an inconsiderate jerk! For someone who says he's been hurt and he doesn't like people like that he sure doesn't care about hurting people in similar ways. Melissa is better off without a person like that. Good luck to Molly the cheater as well. I hope he throws her to the curb too!! Then he can realize that every girl out there is better off without two faced guys like him!! LIAR


Why hate Jason . . . leave him alone. Many relationships break up. What's so strange about breaking up!!! It's his/their life . . . they should do what they think is best for themselves. Mel is also better off without Jason who does not really love her. Mel, be happy. You will surely fine someone you deserve.


I Can't believe this show. Gals that look like these don't need to look this hard for a great guy. I don,t look like any of these girls, but when I was 25 I married the best guy in the world (good looking, nice Jewish boy}. Had over 34 years together (he died of emphasemia}, I'm now 81 and have never looked at anyone else. This show never showed how you really get to know someone so soon and being so lovey, dovey so soon. What relegion did the have, how were they going to live financially,have children, family involvement, so many personal things, things in common, etc,.etc, etc., ????


Heaven forbid !!! Haven't we had ENOUGH of this girl !!!!! Now she is going on DWTS!!!!! I wasn't planning on watching this year & now I know I really won't watch! However, it is just right up Melissa's alley. Too tight, too short, skimpy costumes. Anyone prepared for her foul, name calling mouth? And what happens when she truly gets "dumped" the show? And so much for her so called "had enough of tv"....She basks in the limelight...and eats it up!! Think her wonderful, loving family will show to support her on DWTS ??? I doubt it....Enough of this phoney already!!!! Go back to Dallas and get a REAL life & job....or have you forgotten how important it is to you to be a teacher ?? Big joke!!!!! ABC, just make her go away!!!

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