Melissa Rycroft: I Forgive Jason Mesnick

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Perhaps now Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney can live happily ever after.

Following the couple's week-long apology tour - Mesnick and his chosen Bachelor suitor have appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Bonnie Hunt Show and pretty much any set with a camera - the woman publicly spurned by America's least favorite single dad has moved on.

"I accept the apology. Forgive, forget," Melissa Rycroft told Extra yesterday. "I'm moving on. And I'm away from that situation, in a new relationship and a new life, really."

That new life, of course, includes a spot on season eight of Dancing with the Stars.

Rycroft and partner Tony Dovolani earned an impressive 23 points for their waltz Monday night. She's received an outpouring of support over the last week, from celebrity gossip followers to former Playmate Bridget Marquardt.

The question is: Now that Melissa has forgiven Mesnick, can you do the same? Write in. Let us know!

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Hey Jason, Please stop advertising your business where a comment should be and please stop signing off on your advertisments "Love, Jason, Molly and Ty" because whether you want to accept it or not... we are not interested in anything you have to offer and signing off with "Love" when you really don't know the meaning of the word. Also, its my opinion that it is very, very tacky to be signing Molly's name to your advertisment (you are not married yet... or are you?) and placing your son and blood relatives name after Molly's well that is about a disrespectful as you can get.


Molly and Jason are great together!!! Of course people should forgive him....everyone makes mistakes. It doesn't seem like Melissa is too hurt about this one either- she's already in a new realtionship...which will end in a couple of days


Are you jason and molly haters for real? why don't you get a life! I cannot believe you call molly a homewrecker, etc! the only thing jason and molly did was follow their heart! give them a break and come down from your unrealistic views of a life and a relationship!! Jason is sorry for the way he handled it with melissa, he has apologized a hundred times!! But he's not apologizing for loving molly and why should he, he loves her!!! All you people who are molly and jason haters, I can only imagine how unhappy your spouses are with you!!!


I would never forgive a man for that, although I would probably forget and move on....but I think he is a loser and will continue to be a loser since he picked Molly the Homewrecker loser, so the pattern continues! glad he's out of your life, Jillian...thank God he dumped you when he did, and even Shannon the stalker should be thanking God he dumped her too! I can understand why his wife dumped him. Jason and Molly deserve each other!


Melissa is starting to become a professional victim! This guy Jason is a loser and you knew him a whole month and a half! Melissa is now on her 3rd reality show, enough said.


Jason S Mesnick
13426 NE 136th Pl
Kirkland, WA 98034
4258255834 Howdy fans of mine! I am doing a relationship radio show here in Seattle. I will talk about love, how to find it, keep it, marry it!!!! Please be part of the show! Thanks for all your support! Love Jason, Molly & Ty


We all need to learn how to forgive. Like in a book I read by Kent Whitaker called Murder by family. Obviously nobody murdered anyone in this situation, but the point is to forgive and you learn about this in the book I mentioned. To forgive someone will be necessary in order to heal ourself. Perhaps Melissa is trying to heal herself. I also think this was all set up, and it's just a twist to get people talking... However, I loved Melissa and wish nothing but the best for her regardless!


i would never forgive someone for that. He has already chosen her. How could he break her heart and go with somebody else. And Molly is stupid for saying yes.


I was on Team Molly from the beginning, but I do think the way Jason handled the situation with Melissa was probably not the best choice he's ever made and he is the first to admit that. But - he has apologized to Melissa over and over again and if she can move on - which she obviously has -everyone else should be able to as well. The things that have been said about Jason and Molly have been in my opinion totally uncalled for. He's been bashed for everything from the kind of father he his to his hairline. C'mon people!! And Molly - why her. She didn't do anything wrong. How could anyone come to the conclusion that she is a homewrecker??? (see above) There is no way for Jason to make up for what he did - other than to apologize. Which he has done. And how anyone thinks they know Jason well enough to say he's not sincere.....wake up! Melissa knew him better than anyone on any message board and she's forgiven him......
I wish Jason and Molly the very BEST!!!!

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Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick Photo Proving that nice guys always finish last, Jason Mesnick fell short of winning The Bachelorette when DeAnna Pappas somehow chose Jesse... More »
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All I am missing, really, is someone to share [my life] with. There's no guarantee but 25 girls? I mean it's a real opportunity to find just one.

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I haven't dated at all since DeAnna. I wanted to give myself the time to heal so that when I got out there again I was really ready to give whoever I am with the respect and total attention she deserves.

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