Melissa Rycroft Denies Dancing with the Stars Strife

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy has said it's "very unfair" that she's on the show.

Holly Madison has labeled her the "biggest competition."

Still, in the face of such obstacles, Melissa Rycroft is doing more than just persevering on Dancing with the Stars; she's dominating! The former Bachelor contestant earned 27 points for her Foxtrot last night.


"Everyone's main goal is to have fun, have a good time, make friends - and if there is a competition, it's a friendly competition," Rycroft told Us Weekly yesterday, regarding comments such as the pair cited above. "There's nobody slashing other people's costumes backstage!"

That's a relief.

As for her post-Dancing plans, Rycroft says she'll return to Texas.

"I'm going back to Dallas. I don't know what I'll do, but I'm going home, for sure!"

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Tony and Melissa
Melissa Rycroft Dancing

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Reply to "S" ! Precisely, my thoughts as well. See my "review comment" dated May 5, 09


Whatever... Go Melissa..go! She brings up the ratings and that proves she's special.


I was a DWTS fan up until they brought in this ringer. Sorry that she got dumped, maybe her phoney attitute along with her fake buck tooth smile had something to do with it. Since when is DWTS for trained professional dancers who have a hard luck story??? Melissa is a trained dancer, she has 13 yr ballet training not to mention that she is a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader which is all about dance. This is the most disgusting thing to expect Steve-O, Ty or the apple guy to compete against her. This has tainted my view of the show and won't be watching any longer.


I am glad Melissa is on DWTS.It is my favorite show. I am in such awe of the dancers.I would love to be able to dance like them. They are fabulous. Oh Melissa, if you go back to Dallas, e-mail me I would love for my son to meet you. I thought that the minute you stepped out of the limo. Please get in touch I'll be praying that I hear from you. I am not a nut. I just thought you would be perfect for my son. You are doing a fantastic job dancing. Good luck.


I agree with Maksin Chmerkovskiy, why is this girl on Dancing with the stars? She shouldn't be there. I used to love Dancing With The Stars but when I seen that she was on the first episode, I didn't think it was right. I don't watch anymore. I thought this was celebrities. So what if she can dance and so what if she's got a body that she can flaunt. That's not what this show is about. Many girls off the street can dance and flaunt. This girl's super-charged phoney smile tells it all. It's all about how to whine innocently with a smile of phoney gratitude until you get what you want. Come on 'Dancing With The Stars' we were watching-to see celebs. As for the voting-I can see this girls followers or even this girl herself sit at the phone and call until they can't call no more just to get her recognized. This is all wrong.


I think Melissa has an advantage, too, and I was glad to see Carrie Anne put Melissa in her place about it. Carrie Anne compared Melissa to Woz and told Melissa "let's get real here." I haven't always agreed with the judges, but I don't like Melissa at all and I loved seeing Carrie Anne step on her.


i beleive in you melissa.i hope that you conutine on dancing with the stars.

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