Meghan McCain to Weight Critics: Kiss My Fat Ass!

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Meghan McCain is sick of the debate about her weight.

After the 24-year-old daughter of U.S. Senator and former GOP presidential hopeful John McCain criticized Anne Coulter and other conservatives in an online column, political commentator Laura Ingraham heckled her on her radio show last week.

Ingraham tore into Meghan McCain as "just another Valley Girl gone awry," and even went on to mock McCain in a faux Valley Girl voice, saying that she didn't get a "role in the Real World" because "they don't like plus-sized models."

Ouch. Hitting back on The View today, Meghan McCain said she can't believe Ingraham went after her weight instead of actually talking about the issues.

"What do young women think when I speak my mind about politics, and I want to have a political discussion about the ideological future of the Republican party, and the answer is, 'she's fat, she shouldn't have an opinion?'" she said.

"What kind of message are we sending young women? ... It infuriates me. I'm a political writer on a blog, and all of a sudden I'm too fat to write?"

"I couldn't possibly imagine how any woman could criticize another woman's weight. I work out at the gym and try and eat healthy, but I'm still a size 8."

Enduring taunts about her body since she was in grade school, Meghan McCain - a vocal campaign supporter of her dad last year - said she is fed up.

"Why are we so obsessed with weight?" she said.

"When Tyra Banks went on her show in her bathing suit and said, 'Kiss my fat ass...' That's what I feel right now. I'm like, 'Kiss my fat ass!'"

Added McCain, "There is no place for weight criticism in 2009."

Amen, Megs. An exchange of bad political ideas shouldn't have to devolve into fat jokes. Click to enlarge more Meghan McCain photos below ...

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Meghan M. appears healthy and beatific, not just beautiful. Name calling by irrational and extreamist radio hosts is a good example of the strength of their positions. Folks like Coulter are not conservatives, instead they just gab and sell products like their own books.


size 8 is fat??? are you effing kidding me????


Jeezuz, when did a size 8 become considered plus-size? And someone please explain to me when discussing someone's weight or physical appearance became acceptable? This girl is lovely, but I also take offense to the fact that she says "despite eating healthy and exercising, she still a size 8." That's not exactly sending a great message either. People come in all shapes and sizes, let's remember that.


Are you kidding me??? - A size 8 figure - I know at least 30 people right off that would kill to have a figure like that, including OPRAH. Come people, you really need to get a life. With all that is facing our country today, you JERKS on the talk show circuit need to be addressing real issues, not this petty bickering. And you wonder why people don't take you serious. Way to go Meghan.


You are not fat by any means! You look great! People need to get out of the midset that you have to be a size 6. Been there and was not happy, I was actually sick all the time. Now I am a heathy weight and get the "you got so fat" comments from everybody, including family. You keep doing what you are doing, be happy and the heck with what those people say!


People need a real reality check. She is beautiful.
If someone considers squeletical big heads beautiful, they have a serious problem.


You are a beautiful young lady,these other people just don't have a life that attack you! Live your life with the morals and vaules that are instilled in you by your two wonderful parents.


We are living in a sick society if someone who is a size eight is considered to be too fat. No wonder anorexia and bulimia are rampant.


I think Megan should eat another twinkie and stay out of politics. The soft shoeing by her dad and the Republican party in the recent election is why we are heading for the pre WWII Nazi state


The only thing I can say about Radio Show Host is that they were not pretty enough for TV. so if she is dishing out on women who are big than its probably because Laura is self conscious and is probably uglier than my dogs behind.

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