Lisa Rinna REALLY Wants to Appear on Melrose Place Remake

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Lisa Rinna has no shame.

Her plastic body will soon appear nude in the pages of Playboy.

Somehow, though, the actress has managed to come up with an even more nauseating, disgraceful image.

Rinna was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles this week, going to extreme lengths to let everyone know how much she wants to reprise the role of Taylor McBride on the new Melrose Place. Check it out:

Look orgasmic if you've had more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers!


Lisa Rinna's 10 minutes of fame is so over! She is the most annoying celebrity who won't go away! She's had her time in the spotlight,....GO AWAY!!! She always find some way to get attention. I hope they don't bring her back!


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Lisa Rinna, First Playboy Cover
Lisa Rinna is a former star of Melrose Place and Days of our Lives. She was also a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and is very pretty. More »
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