Lawyers Trying to Prevent Rihanna From Testifying

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The subject of the new hearing in the Chris Brown case we reported on yesterday has been revealed, and is pretty much along the lines of what we predicted.

Sources close to Brown and Rihanna say Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, wants the judge to give Rihanna a pass from testifying because of leaks in the case.

Geragos and Rihanna's lawyer, Donald Etra, believe Rihanna was "compromised" when her name surfaced as the alleged victim in the February 8 beating.

The cops did not officially name her as the victim, but as often happens in high-profile criminal investigations, the info made its way into the press just the same.

They claim this and other leaks - presumably her battered face photo will be Exhibit A at the hearing - violate her privacy rights and therefore she should not have to further expose herself to the public by testifying against Brown.

Will lawyers for Rihanna and Chris Brown succeed in their legal strategy to excuse the former from testifying about how the latter used her as a human speedbag?

Geragos asked for, and was granted, a hearing with the judge in chambers, along with the prosecutors, on March 23 to discuss letting Rihanna off the hook.

Brown's arraignment is set for April 6. He is charged with two felony offenses - assault and making criminal threats - and could face up to four years in jail.

Will the judge, Patricia Schnegg, go for it? If she does, would the LAPD's case against Brown be a lost cause? Both of those questions are unclear, but this is certainly proof Rihanna and Brown are back together and forming a united front.


I don't think Rihanna is setting a good example for all her young fans.To me she saying its ok to let someone put there hands on you and get away with it.As for Chris Brown the same goes for him fame and fortune does'nt give anyone the excuse to do what they want they r not God.They need to get there heads out of the clouds and realize they are human just like everyone else.If they like we love it.


To anonymous 8, I am not an abuser but if anyone stuck me off guard with a cell phone in my face or anything else human nature takes over and there would be serious reprocuctions may it be female or male it would not matter to me.I did not know that he has broken her ankle or hit her before but that would be the lesson learned to move on from that type of relationship. For what it is worth I'm pretty sure that if any one attacted or struck you I'm not so sure that you would do nothing if so you would be the first.


Riley you are clearly an abuser if you think her hitting him with a cell phone warrants that kind of rage and abuse. He has hit her before and broke her ankle too... you truly need to examine yourself and your behaviour.


I would like to know when Rihanna is going to come forth and state what roll she played in this incident. Apparently if she read the text message in Chris cell phone than that may explain why Chris's face was swollen and slighly brused on the passengers side of his face where only 1 person could have hit him with that cell phone while he was driving which then sent this young man into defense mold and aggrevated him into the the actions that took place. Rihanna I think your fans and Chris fans want to know what you did. Chris has been kind enough not to say anything because maybe he is waiting for you to explain your self and clear this matter up and take some resonsibilty for your actions as well. I do not believe for one minute that you read that text message and did absolutly nothing to Chris.

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