Lawyer: Howard K. Stern Charged Based on Gossip

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Principal enabler or media victim? Having been arrested as the former in the death of Anna Nicole Smith, her former lover will attempt to cast himself as the latter.

Howard K. Stern will "ultimately be exonerated," says his attorney, Krista Barth, about charges that Stern, along with two doctors, helped kill Anna Nicole by supplying the Playboy icon the prescription drugs that led to her fatal 2007 overdose.

Barth labeled the actions of California Attorney General Jerry Brown, who has brought conspiracy charges against Stern and Drs. Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich, "publicity efforts" and stressed her client's right to a free trial.

"The television, tabloid and Internet trial of Mr. Stern in the court of public opinion has been based upon sensational lies, speculation, rumor and gossip," said Barth.

"The media trial of Mr. Stern has been based on constant shouts of guilty from uninformed commentators based on inaccurate and often manufactured 'facts.'"

Barth has represented Stern for more than two years in civil suits stemming from Smith's death in Broward Country, Florida. She says Stern's accusers "have been shown to have no credibility due to their conflicting stories, to have a bias based on their own personal agendas or to have no factual basis to support their accusations."

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Really?! Based on gossip?! You mean the charges are not based on the fact that Anna was frequently being prescribed a stupidly large amount of prescription drugs? This was a clear attempt at controlling Anna and the logical finger would be pointed at Howard. It is entirely likely that he thought this was a way to keep himself in the Marshall Estate picture even though Anna's claim which she pursued unsuccessfully for over a decade, was destined to one day end in complete failure. Her challenge to J. Howard Marshall's will was laughable, how could she think she was due anything when Mr. Marshall had extensive estate planning instruments executed which excluded her by name? How could she or anyone with a rational mind think they could overcome that fact?


We all know he is guilty as hell....thats if you watched all of this go down...anyway, This bugeyed psycho killed her son and her and now he is going to get away with it's the root of all evil!!! And thats all he seen he had to erase Daniel then her and thats what he did because he thought he was going to get some money out of it!!!!!


VIRGIE ARTHUR wants to control Anna's Estate, Anna's child Dannielynn, potential Marshal millions.
Virgie's lawyer John O'Quinn SPENT $1.5 MIL. in order to get control over Anna's Estate.
Virgie wants full custody over Dannielynn though she has a father!!
Virgie's lawyers are behind Howard's arrest.Virgie wants Anna's money and child at any cost !!

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