Kim Kardashian's Jumpsuit: Love It or Shove It?

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Kim Kardashian says she "absolutely loves jumpsuits right now."

On a recent blog entry, Kim wrote that everyone from Kate Hudson to Blake Lively to Jennifer Hudson is wearing such an outfit, causing it to be a trend that the reality TV star herself had to take part in.

Kim in Atlantic City

Do these celebrities have the right idea? Take a look at Kardashian in a strapless, wool Black Halo jumpsuit and you be the judge...

What do you think of Kim's jumpsuit?

Meanwhile, if you wanna catch Kim on TV, she's hosting the first-ever MTV Cribs Awards this Saturday, March 7.

The ceremony will honor the Best Bachelor/Bachelorette Crib, Best Sneaker Collection and Best Beach Bungalow, among other categories.

It's the exact depiction of excessive wealth and spending that America needs to see right now.

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Out of all the reality show wannabees who think they are A list stars Kim K is the worst. Even jessica Simpson is at least a crappy singer. Kim and her no talent sisters just take up space. Cancel their E show and tell them to get real jobs.


Someone kill this shameless bastard!


I hate jumpsuits. They're so weird! All 3 Kardashian sisters will be chatting live with fans on Fancast today at 11am PST. Check it out- ith-the-kardashians/


Is it true Ray J urinated on her in their sex video? If so I lost what little respect I had for a no talent like Kim.