Kelly Clarkson: Nude Walker, Shower Urinator

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While Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and others battle it out on season eight of American Idol, they all have one dream: to establish a career half as successful as that of the show's original champion, Kelly Clarkson.

Clarkson is one of the industry's most popular musicians, as much for her honest personality as for her talent.

In the latest issue of Blender, for instance, the singer says fans love the "real factor" she represents.

Kelly's interview with the magazine was certainly full of straightforward, real responses. Here are a few excerpts from it:

On a penchant for nudity: “I’m the kinda person who just doesn’t like clothes.”

On peeing in the shower: “Anybody who says they don’t is lying.”

On honesty: “I do not lie. Ever. I will tell my girlfriend if she looks fat in her jeans… When you don’t make yourself clear or heard, that’s where trouble starts. And that’s something I learned as a child. No one is going to know what you feel unless you tell them.”


I just what 2 wish her well of going 2 be marred. i hope every thing gos great for u.


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Kelly Clarkson is not gay!!!!!!! She is straight. Though she never dated a guy, as a fan i know she will date when she wants too. So stop spreading all these rumors about her that arent true. As a fan of Kelly Clarkson i say to her, "Thank you for your music and having fans like myself look up to you as a role model. Keep up the success."


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