Justin Gaston Strips Down for Electric Youth!

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Lost amidst all the fuss over various racy photos of Miley Cyrus, the celebrity gossip world has almost forgotten about her boyfriend Justin Gaston... and the ridiculous, almost-naked pics he poses for every month!

In February, Gaston stripped down for some magazine called VMAN.

Now, the 20-year old model graces the cover of Electric Youth!. A few notes about this publication:

  • It does not have a website;
  • It refers to Gaston as "America's New Idol;"
  • And it teases "loads of photos" of "SEXY BOYS."

We're not judging, but Miley might wanna have a talk with Justin. We understand his desperation for fame, but what demographic is he trying to appeal to here?

Electric Youth!
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My Dear
You are so sexy and i like you could you plz sand me you pic, thanks


pleaslet me know where and how I can purchase the Electric Youth Magazine. I live in Titusville FL. Or can I purchae online? There is no information at all where to find the magazine and I have been to tons and tons of stores. My nephew is in the magazine and I would like one.
Thank you
Darrin Ferris


hi i dont no what i have to say


Who the hell would find that scrawny little thing attractive? He looks disgusting and feminine in that little bikini. Miley has horrible taste!