Joe Jonas: Channeling Miley Cyrus Asian Mockery?

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Weeks after attention-hog Miley Cyrus apologized for mocking Asians in one of her half dozen photo scandals and denied that she's a racist, Joe Jonas appears to be the gentleman in this photo, pulling down his eyelids Asian style.

What do you think: Is it him? Is it offensive? Will this hurt the Jonas Brothers' squeaky-clean image, or will you still want to have their children?

Note purity ring and name tag that looks to start with the letter J. Also note the ridiculous shirt that Joe Jonas or this Joe Jonas lookalike is wearing.

Jonas is the older brother of Miley's alleged ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas. Joe Jonas, at 19, is the middle Jonas brother, with Kevin being the oldest at a staggering 21.

No word when the photo was taken or where it came from before surfacing, or when mocking Asians by making one's eyes appear slanted became the in thing.


WTF. like seriously? this must be a joke... whats with all these celebrities making fun of peoples culture? I wanna punch him in the face, this is so rude! Is he trying to be funny like Miley was? HAH. Miley wasn't laughing after she got sued. ^^


That is so unfair that is not Joe Jonas, he would never do that. How do i know well beacuse he is 2 sweet and kind and he would never wear something like that.


u all need to get off his jock. wat a fukin loser with a zebra shirt. he's got a grin and he's using his pinkies at the corners of his eyes. if anyone did this in front of me i would stab him. actually i'd probably break a soju bottle over ur head.


Yeah, they're kids who happen to be looked up to and HAVE AN INFLUENCE over the younger generations who will probably become ugly ass racists unless their parents teach them BETTER!


What a fucking douche. I hope his Christian ass rotes in hell's level of racist ethnocentric douches.


He was just messing around.


I'm Asian. I'm not a fan of Joe Jonas either (coz I like Nick only. haha). But I'm not the least bit offended by this picture. It looks photoshopped actually. But if it's REAL, then I really don't mind...


Wow. Most of you commenters are pathetic. I'm betting 99.9 % of you commented badly on the picture Miley took, now Joe takes a picture and it's all sunshine and butterflies? Um, no. I hate to break it to you but that's NOT how it works. You can't say bad things about Miley and completely turn your opinion when it's someone you like. I'll defend Joe for this picture, as I defended Miley. I don't see anything wrong with it. They're kids, we make mistakes. But I also believe he should be sued, just like Miley was. As pathetic as that was.


it does seem racist at 1st glance but personally i'd say it's not. Besides this photo was taken years ago and we can't expect him to publically apologise 4 it. Miley is a known racist and Joe was definatly not copying her, i can tell...the Jo'Bros are talented and tolerant so however posted this got the wrong end of the stick. NOTE: I'm not biased, i'm Asian too


It doesn't matter if it's new or not. A good some of those "scandalous" photos of Miley were taken before she was famous, and people still freaked out. And get over it. Miley was NOT being racist. Sheesh. Furthermore, the Jonas Brothers have no talents, and are jerks.

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