Jason Mesnick Predicts Melissa Rycroft Dancing Victory

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Despite only having a few days to rehearse, Melissa Rycroft should have no problem on Dancing With the Stars, says her ex-fiance Jason Mesnick.

"I am so excited for Melissa," The Bachelor star tells Extra. "I know she's danced her whole life, and must be excited. I hope and think she will win it all."

Meanwhile, on Monday's Bonnie Hunt Show, Mesnick continued his national apology tour after dumping Rycroft on the "After the Final Rose" special.

"I want to apologize to you and to the audience and to anybody who is watching because I did something obviously that I am not very proud of and that is talking to [Melissa Rycroft] in front of the camera," the single dad admits.

"It's something that I regret and I've thought about every day since it happened ... the producers really wanted me to do it that way, but it was my decision, I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize most of all to Melissa," he says.

Hot Bachelor Make Out Scene!

The passion between Jason and Melissa was palpable on The Bachelor. But he says he knew Rycroft wasn't the right girl for him soon after the show ended.

"We had spent a bunch of weekends together and spent a week together at Christmas and all of a sudden ... we had so many silences and nothing to talk about," he says. "I think we both knew there was something missing."

Molly Malaney, the show's runner-up who is now dating Mesnick, admits she was iffy about dating him after seeing how he treated Melissa Rycroft.

"I needed to understand what happened with Melissa and him," said the 24-year-old department store buyer and Grand Rapids, Mich., native.

"I wanted to make sure that he wasn't running back to me just because it didn't work out with Melissa," added Malaney, who isn't planning on getting married or engaged to Mesnick yet, but says she's very happy with her man.

Like Jason, we can't wait to watch Melissa Rycroft dance tonight!


He is only rooting for her to get the public to like him again....I personally am discusted with men like him!!! THey cant make up their minds and so they go back and forth!!! WHAT A JERK!!!


Sure he predicts Melissa will win as he was privy to the plan.


Look, Melissa is not the only person ever put down, so what? I thought Jason should have pickec Mollie in the first place. IT only hurts for a little while. I am 78 years old, and I have had many------------------------hurts and if Melissa live so will she. GET OVER IT FOLKS.


For a guy who says he loves his son Jason has been a rotten father. Between going on all these talk shows and going out with Molly every day for public makeout sessions for the camersa to catch, how much time has he spent with Ty lately?
Getting his huge ego fed by the press is much more important to Jason. This is not a quality father or man.


Jason, Molly and Ty, Let me know if you need any advise. Good luck with the show.


People make mistakes. Melissa knew what was coming but she choose to participate. She came out on stage without the ring on her finger so she knew what was going to happen. I'm tired of hearing about it. Let everyone move on. Get over it. If Melissa was so in love it sure didn't take her long to find someone else. So she wasn't that much in love. I'm just tired of hearing about what a bad guy Jason is. It's a reality show and things like that happen in real life. Jason said that he takes full responsibility-ABC needs to apologize too.


I agree with Mom's post, this is Melissa's 3rd reality show. Was this some kind of master plan of hers to get famous? How much TV time does Melissa need?


Get over it and get on with life.....Mistakes happen all the time.....let Molly and jason live ....Mellisa has moved on she stars on the dancing with stars tonight ......


It's always nice to see a show ends in happiness...can we leave the "DRAMA 4 Holly-Wood" real or not, feelings or not, compassion, Heartless, many words come to mind, but Jason, your not very good at making or keeping a commitment...after a few short weeks U changed your mind...then stop thinking about it in a LUSTFUL way...which is all we witnessed between U and Molly...hummm after 5 minutes behind closed doors how are U going to handle real life issues??? Maybe U need a reality check...life and love is really about 2 people looking in the same direction, I think U really need to listen to what a marriage is...


Jason you are an asshole. You are a grown man, and have a mind of your own. Did you always do what your Mommy told you. You should have thought about how hurtful that was to do in PUBLIC. Jerk! Stay off the airwaves---Nobody gives a shit anymore. And ABC-- Shame on YOU! I will never watch that show again. NEVER!

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