Jason Mesnick & Molly Malaney Express Love, Regret

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Continuing his apology publicity tour, Jason Mesnick insists he never cheated on The Bachelor winner Melissa Rycroft with runner-up Molly Malaney before he publicly dumped the former for the latter on the "After the Final Rose" special.

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    I can't believe you are on her saying fans of "Howdie fans of mine". You are such a jerk!!! You sound like you are proud of what you did in front of millions. I was once a fan now I actually feel sorry for you. I am waiting for the day your relationship falls apart with Molly. Hopefully she will see the real you sooner than later. How much did they pay you to do all that crying boo hoo. Bet the other girls are glad that you didn't pick them they are so better off.


    I think Jason make a great choice! Melissa didn't love him at all...she is just a great actress and is pretending to be hurt now to make Jason look bad. I HATE MELISSA


    Jason S Mesnick
    13426 NE 136th Pl
    Kirkland, WA 98034

    Howdy fans of mine! I am doing a relationship radio show here in Seattle. I will talk about love, how to find it, keep it, marry it!!!!

    Please be part of the show! Thanks for all your support!

    Love Jason, Molly & Ty


    Who gives a shit! Go Away


    Molly you are a real _itch. MOMENTS where you sympathized???? what the hell is that, yeah he broke your heart when he let you go but he didn't ask you to marry him and then 6 wks later dump you on national televison and 5 minutes later kiss the girl he THOUGHT he MIGHT really be in love with. Girl you should have backed up and said sure we can talk but you crossed the line when you kissed him within 10 minutes of him breaking it off with Melissa. You don't even have a heart!!!! So you know I guess you guys are right for each other but to wish you luck NO WAY IN HELL, and I believe thats where your relationship will go "straight to Hell". Have fun while it last you two LOSERS. I just feel sorry for the little boy, also you need to go back and see the show. He had feelings for Melissa on the first date so he said, and you had to grow on him....Hummm something to think about!!!


    I just wanted 2 say....jason u r a total tool and melissa will always be remember has the girl who's was dump in front of 15 million people...and she has u 2 thank for that so way 2 go jason u took the top spot as MOST HATED MAN IN AMERICA......and poor molly he is just going 2 do the same 2 u....hey but a least it willn't be on tv....hahahaha HEY melissa hope 2 see u on DWTS


    Well didn't you hear what he said. He was under contract and had to do it that way. I don't buy that crap. If he had an ounce of respect for Melissa or himself he would not have handled it this way. I get that things changed after the show was over... No DUH.,, He wanted Molly, that was what changed. He even said himself Melissa would have loved him and cared for him til the day he died. The guy is a flake and doesn't deserve anyone.


    ok, Jason changed his mind, that happnes all the time. Plus, how many people who have been on this show actually gotten married. None. So it's not really that they broke up that upsets me. It doesn't even really matter that he got back together with Molly. It's just the way he went about it.
    Breaking up with her on LIVE TELEVISION! Bad idea.
    Breaking up with her for the RUNNER UP on LIVE TELEVISION!! Even worse idea.
    That was just rude and uncalled for. I mean, it would've hurt her feelings at anytime, but to do it on LIVE TELEVISION is just cruel.
    I mean, at least do it in private. That's just common curtesy. Geeze, what's up with people nowadays?


    come one jason's fan now blaming deanna this isn't some young high school boy! jason has ben married had a child JASON should know his own heart and mind. get real, if he drinks and drives who fault will that be? molly for letting him. lol


    it isn't that he wanted molly in the end - it is how jason did it!!!!!!!!!! on national tv when jason got upset over the fact that deanna let him get down on one knee - this is 1000,000 times worse. jason is a jerk. now go cry on the balcony again that is one ugly cry!!!!!!!!!!

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