Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Emails Revealed!

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As the fallout from the season finale of The Bachelor continues, Access Hollywood claims to have uncovered personal e-mails between Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft, his chosen fiancee who he dumped on national TV four minutes later.

In the first of several emails, Melissa Rycroft expressed her anger at Jason following the "After the Rose" special (taped in mid-January), in which Jason dumped her hard and opted for a second chance with runner-up Molly Malaney.

While Jason's change of heart shocked viewers who saw it unfold about 16 seconds after their televised engagement, Melissa may have seen it coming.

She wrote in the e-mail dated January 19:

"Last night didn't go NEAR how I thought... I still can't believe how you can't give reasons other than 'It changed.'... You know as well as I do that you didn't give 100% to me or the relationship. I don't understand how you can walk away form something without giving it your all. But I am walking away knowing I did."

Jason Mesnick, Melissa Rycroft Meet

Jason hands Melissa a rose (and false hope) in the season premiere.

In the initial e-mail after the taping, Melissa Rycroft seemed quite clued in to Jason's feelings for Molly Malaney prior to his tearful TV confession:

"And getting confirmation about Molly in front of people like that was a complete classless move if you ask me - how could you do that to me after I repeatedly asked you about it? I'm not stupid, I knew about Molly... and you lied to me about it. I can't even tell you how much respect I lost for you... but it makes this whole process from here on out much easier for me."

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In an interview with People after Monday's finale, Jason Mesnick insisted that he had no choice in how the situation played out, that it was "part of the deal" in his contract - a sentiment echoed in his reply e-mail to Melissa.

Jason wrote the following:

"The producers had a lot to do with it. I am so sorry. This is so horrible."

Melissa Rycroft wasn't buying that weak sauce excuse, responding:

"You are a grown man and perfectly capable of making your own decisions. Own your actions and stop blaming this process."

Oh, snap!

In a later e-mail, dated January 21, Jason answered Melissa's note, going as far as to say he suffered karmic retribution for calling off the engagement:

"You don't deserve any of it at all. I wish there were more that I could say. I want to take all of your pain away and put it on me. If you are talking about Karma, I slipped and fell and had a huge gash in my leg 3 inches wide and to the bone. I deserve so much worse for what I am doing to you."

And in the final e-mail between the two, also dated January 21, Melissa reflected on Jason being dumped by DeAnna Pappas on The Bachelorette:

"I do think it's a little ironic that you kept telling me, 'Morally, how could I ever get back with DeAnna after what she did to me?' And I agree... just seems like a very similar situation with your new lady... Just a little irony I guess. Seeing the person that you became, you are right: a relationship between you and I would never work out... I'm not mad... I'm not hurt - seeing how things were handled helped me get over things quickly. I do wish you both the best though. Take care."

Wow. What do you think were the reasons Jason Mesnick didn't give Melissa Rycroft? Comment below - and click to enlarge the emails here:

Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part I
Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part II
Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part III
Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part IV

I absolutely LOVED jason. I said LOVED. Not anymore!!! I LOVE Melissa. I couldn't believe him and he's a complete and utter JERK. Can't believe he did that to Ty! Molly looked liked she didn't even know what a frisbee was and Ty looked like he didn't want to have anything to do with Molly. Melissa is absolutely gorgeous and has the best personality, not fake and not stiff looking.


I also recall about what Dido said - Melissa not being treated well by the guys she dated in the past. It's something to ponder upon. We may say she is a nice person - she seems like it. We blame Jason for his fickle mindedness. There could be something that we don't know about Melissa.


If I remember correctly during the show - home town visit when Melissa's family did not meet Jason. I remember the show narrator or whoever said that Melissa was never treated nicely by her ex-boyfriends. Jason did not treat her well either. We may blame Jason for changing his mind or whatever. But what about Melissa - why did the guys (including Jason) she dated did not treat her well?


People should not tell others how to live their lives.
Making a committment should only reflect your feelings.
The final decision should come from your heart and that
is what Jason did when he selected Mollie.


Jason says he was being pressured...watev...


I hate Jason Mesnick for what he did...and that bitch he replaced Mel with cannot call herself Ty's stepmother...she will ruin both of their lives...DeAnna wouldn't want him back...and speaking of DeAnna...Jason did so much worse than her...he was whining that DeAnna led him on...he is a jerk...I hope Mel finds a husband that will comfort her and be their for her...go to hell JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think any of us can know how hard it was for Jason to handle a difficult situation on a public stage. He has apologized for how he handled things and I sincerely wish he and Molly the best. Who knows, with all the controversy, they may be the first "Batchelor" couple to actually make it. How easy it is for everyone to judge - the three of them signed up for a reality TV show - they knew things might get difficult. It seems like Melissa didn't have any trouble moving on to a new relationship so why not give Jason and Molly a chance as well.


I seriously doubt that the twists and turns of the show were scripted by the producers. I see no evidence for that. I think the people insisting that it was scripted are simply threatened by the idea that romantic feelings can change so quickly and so decisively. No relationship is safe if that is true. Any of us can be hurt in love at any time. People always love to malign "the other woman", but I thought Molly was a classy lady. She did nothing wrong. She and Jason may have talked or emailed during the 6 weeks after the final rose, but I don't think they were seeing each other. Something was lacking for Jason in his relationship with Melissa and we don't know what it was. The situation with her parents was certainly strange. Nonetheless, I hope Jason and Molly stay together and that Melissa finds someone else to love.


I don't understand why some of you are in such a tizzy because Molly agreed to give Jason another chance. Why wouldn't she ? She cared deeply for him and admired and respected him. She could see from watching his reaction after she left on the FR day how much he cared about her. I think she was truly shocked that he didn't pick her but she had a very classy response: not "how could you do this to me" but instead she was worried about HIM, that he was making a mistake with Melissa. To say she shouldn't have kissed him because Melissa "sat on the same couch" is ridiculous!


I think those who are maligning Jason are way off base. Maybe I am just less cynical and jaded than most. I think Jason for the most part acted in accordance with his true feelings at the time. The show put tremendous pressure on Jason (& the others) to get to an engagement by the end of the show. They even send over this person to try to get him to pick a ring, which the show pays for. In not spelling out in any detail the reasons for his change of heart concerning Melissa, I think Jason may have been doing Melissa a favor. He refused to air the actual reasons for the relationship's failure and that showed considerable class and restraint.

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