Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Emails Revealed!

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As the fallout from the season finale of The Bachelor continues, Access Hollywood claims to have uncovered personal e-mails between Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft, his chosen fiancee who he dumped on national TV four minutes later.

In the first of several emails, Melissa Rycroft expressed her anger at Jason following the "After the Rose" special (taped in mid-January), in which Jason dumped her hard and opted for a second chance with runner-up Molly Malaney.

While Jason's change of heart shocked viewers who saw it unfold about 16 seconds after their televised engagement, Melissa may have seen it coming.

She wrote in the e-mail dated January 19:

"Last night didn't go NEAR how I thought... I still can't believe how you can't give reasons other than 'It changed.'... You know as well as I do that you didn't give 100% to me or the relationship. I don't understand how you can walk away form something without giving it your all. But I am walking away knowing I did."

Jason Mesnick, Melissa Rycroft Meet

Jason hands Melissa a rose (and false hope) in the season premiere.

In the initial e-mail after the taping, Melissa Rycroft seemed quite clued in to Jason's feelings for Molly Malaney prior to his tearful TV confession:

"And getting confirmation about Molly in front of people like that was a complete classless move if you ask me - how could you do that to me after I repeatedly asked you about it? I'm not stupid, I knew about Molly... and you lied to me about it. I can't even tell you how much respect I lost for you... but it makes this whole process from here on out much easier for me."

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In an interview with People after Monday's finale, Jason Mesnick insisted that he had no choice in how the situation played out, that it was "part of the deal" in his contract - a sentiment echoed in his reply e-mail to Melissa.

Jason wrote the following:

"The producers had a lot to do with it. I am so sorry. This is so horrible."

Melissa Rycroft wasn't buying that weak sauce excuse, responding:

"You are a grown man and perfectly capable of making your own decisions. Own your actions and stop blaming this process."

Oh, snap!

In a later e-mail, dated January 21, Jason answered Melissa's note, going as far as to say he suffered karmic retribution for calling off the engagement:

"You don't deserve any of it at all. I wish there were more that I could say. I want to take all of your pain away and put it on me. If you are talking about Karma, I slipped and fell and had a huge gash in my leg 3 inches wide and to the bone. I deserve so much worse for what I am doing to you."

And in the final e-mail between the two, also dated January 21, Melissa reflected on Jason being dumped by DeAnna Pappas on The Bachelorette:

"I do think it's a little ironic that you kept telling me, 'Morally, how could I ever get back with DeAnna after what she did to me?' And I agree... just seems like a very similar situation with your new lady... Just a little irony I guess. Seeing the person that you became, you are right: a relationship between you and I would never work out... I'm not mad... I'm not hurt - seeing how things were handled helped me get over things quickly. I do wish you both the best though. Take care."

Wow. What do you think were the reasons Jason Mesnick didn't give Melissa Rycroft? Comment below - and click to enlarge the emails here:

Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part I
Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part II
Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part III
Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part IV

I too have lost all respect for Jason. There are no excuses, the way he did what he did was just completely wrong. I wish all the best to Melissa, Jason doesn't deserve a gem like her.


I am sorry BUT Molly has to be the MOST stupid person on earth!!!!


I have no respect for Molly. She's a shame to all women. Get a hold of yourself woman - can you really be with a man that treats your fellow girls like rubbish? also for Jason, how do you tell your 4 years old son in the future that this is the story of how you met his step-mother. if i were Ty, i will lose all respect for you as a father. How could you do this to your son???? Not asking for you to not follow your heart, but do it appropriately. BE A MAN and show your son YOU ARE A MAN. If your son grows up looking up to you as role model, you wouldnt be too happy with what kind of guy he becomes, and I WOULD NEVER EVER want my daughter to date a MESNICK.


I definitely am siding with Jason and Molly against Melissa Rycroft and her fans. Jason is a free man and has every God given right to choose whoever seems right for him in his own eyes. Maybe his manner of choosing wasn't the best, but it's HIS choice, HIS alone. Also, the fact Melissa used to be a cheerleader makes a very black mark next to my scorecard on her. Cheerleader=Snot=Melissa Rycroft and her defenders here and elsewhere. I hereby issue an injunction against Ms. Rycroft and against her defenders who read this. They are now permanently enjoined and restrained from making anymore derogatory remarks about Mr. Mesnick or his new fiancee Molly here or anywhere else, public or private. They shall only say favorable things about Mr. Mesnick or Ms. Mallaly or be silent.


OH MY FREAKIN GOODNESS! Give it a break people. You and I both know that people change and the heart changes and there ain't nuttin' we can do about that. It kinda sucks how it all played out, but it is what it is.


Melissa- dont be mad because jason is a total jerk and everyone has a bad time like that! well not really on t.v.! but im sure that you will fing a better man that wikk love you for who you are! you are awesome melissa! take good care! and by the way i am like your # 1 fan and on my computer you are my new screen saver!


I was hoping that Melissa would win from the start; however, as the season rolled on, I prayed that he would NOT pick her. Why, you say? Because he seemed like a real slime ball at every one of his dates. He couldn't wait to open his mouth and go in for the 'big kiss' with everyone! If he really had deep feelings for 2 of them, how could he act like that with ALL of them?
Melissa, I'm sure you already realize how lucky you were. And Molly: how could you say yes to this guy who obviously can't figure out his own mind!


I read about what Jason was supposed to do to Melissa in a magazine...you know one of those Celeb rag mags but silly me I thought it was fake. so when I was watching the show I knew it might happen but it did not prepare me for how I felt, and I will admit I cried, almost like I was crying for Melissa too. I have been there, no not an engagment breaking off but always being the Dumpee..i feel as if Melissa and I are kindred spirts and although I will never meet her I wil wish the bast for her always


I think Jason did the right thing. He followed his heart, but I think breaking it off on national TV could have been avoided. We should not judge his decesion until we have been in his shoes. You could tell he was hurt as well and does not seem to be a man that would hurt someone on purpose. Give him a break. He has a child involved and has to make 100% sure that the women he chooses also affects his son. Jason you go on with your life and who cares what other people think. Thanks Dawn in South Dakota


Does anyone stop and think that all of these people are just in it for thier 15 minutes of fame? Why else would a "broken hearted" Melissa so quickly jump (or should I say dance) into another reality show. If she didn't like the spotlight (not wanting to appear on ATR 2 or any other talk show other than Ellen) why would she be going on Dancing With The Stars? As for Jason & Molly, she might have suspected he wanted her back, but Jason didn't know for sure if she wanted him back. Why else would Chris Harrison keep asking her what she would do if Jason said he wanter her back? He was fishing for information for Jason's benefit. Jason didn't want to take the chance of her rejecting him and looking like a bigger jerk. Anyway, that's my two cents!!

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