Isaiah Washington Moves Out to Stave Off Eviction

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What a loser. Who can't come up with $20,000 a month?

Former Grey's Anatomy blowhard Isaiah Washington is apparently moving out of the property that's been causing him some recent financial troubles.

He and his wife faced eviction after falling $100,000 behind on rent.

Like so many people falling on hard times, they were told they needed to move out unless they paid the overdue amount. That's typically how it works.

"He's moving out today," a source told

On Monday, housekeepers were spotted packing a large box, and photographs were taken off of the walls. Washington and his wife were seen leaving the residence, although Washington returned 40 minutes later before leaving again.

The papers - filed by his landlord - claim Isaiah Washington and his wife haven't been paying their $20,000 monthly payments on their home in the Venice area of L.A. The complaint says Washington has not paid since November.

The 45-year-old was fired (oh, sorry, not offered another contract to return) from Grey's Anatomy in 2007 after referring to co-star T.R. Knight by gay slurs, when he hadn't even come out of the closet at that point. What a d!ck move.


Although I do not agree with outing someone. He spoke the truth and the truth ain't always pretty.


Oh Goody! The vindication is palpable. Yeah, you don't want to f*#! with us in our own backyard. Clearly, not a smart move for anyone. Additionally, in Hollywood the straits are mostly educated, cultured and thoughtful people -- so bigots are naturally repelled. It is too bad he had to ruin it for his family. All he had to do was keep his bigotry inside and he would still have rent money. Instead, he decided to use bigoted remarks against gays on two different occasions -- once on national television while standing on the red carpet. So to you above, there is no he may or may not have said it -- sorry -- he apoligized for the first time and then the second time was for all to see at the Emmy's. So Mr. Washington gets as he should get. The irony is that he is black. You would expect him to be a little more understanding of a minority group that was hated just because of the way they were born. Strange.


This man's life has been permanently damaged for a remark he may or may not have said. His life, his wife, and his children suffer from a horrible injustice and many people, sadly, or okay with it! Imus definitely said worst things to more people, and he is back on the air. This treatment of Washington is too much and it's a shame. He is a great actor.


The real dick move is regurgitating the same story about him leaving Greys Anatomy. All parties involved would have been better off if they handled this internally instead of making it a huge issue. Moreover, you guys keep stoking the fire. Oh that's right since this isn't "real" journalism it's not your problem!