Is Kelly Clarkson Pregnant?

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Sorry, we just wanted to answer the ridiculous question posed in our headline right away.

Kelly Clarkson appeared on American Idol last night, belting out a rendition of her hit "My Life Would Suck Without You." For some reason, this performance has sparked pregnancy rumors around the Internet, as fans wonder whether or not the original champion has a bun in her talented oven.

It's sad, really. The fact Clarkson doesn't resemble Nicole Scherzinger is a good thing; it doesn't mean she's gone all Bristol Palin on us.

Take a look for yourself:

Season eight finalists such as Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert can only hope for a career half as successful as that of Clarkson.

Click on the pics below for enlarged photos of her performance last night...


what are you guys saying it dont get it I think she looks hot thats what I think


The media put pressure on celebs when they are thin, but as soon as they get themselves back up top a healthy weight again, the media criticise them for being fat! If a woman down the road was skeletal and i snapped some pics and sent them to the sun or whatever, they'd be like, 'big deal.' Whys should celebs be forced to share their life and things they would prefer to keep private with the millions of strangers around the world?!


Ok why is it that every time someone famous gains weight the automatically become pregnant? To save alot of people the time to figure this out is beacause they think that tehy have to be perfect. Well not everyone is a size 2 and thats perfectly fine. We were made the way were are for a reason and should be love dfor that not loved for who people make us. I think she i svery beautifull the way she is. For the pregnant thing you would know if she was someone would leak the info they always do. But dont start stuff you dont know about its really Jr. High if she gets pregnant and wants you too know she will tell you other wise leave her alone and stick with your own business.


How about instead of people 'guessing' at what might be "wrong with her", why not just "PRAY" and leave it at that? Whether it be gaining weight from medication, eating foods that help her (us) to gain weight, or whatever is going on, once more would it really be so hard for people to just "PRAY" for her and let the rest take care of itself? I'm not sure what's going on, weight gain can be a pretty tough thing to deal with (I know, I'm there, and am trying my best to get rid of mine), but as the saying goes "it's up to her to deal with it" and that's about the size of it. I wish her well and hope that she can get a handle on whatever's going on, but if she's happy with it, then it's still "her choice".


Kelly needs to either develop an eating disorder or kill herself. Fat chicks are disgusting, no doubt about it. Anyone who says she looks "healthy" has to be fat themselves, because "fat" is NOT NORMAL. Stop kidding yourselves, ladies. Put down the twinkies and hit the gym (or just throw up everything you do eat). Maybe then you could finally find someone who loves you.


When you said, her fans care about her health were you referring to yourself as a fan? because from what i read, it sure didn't sound like you were, to me you were insulting her. What gives you the right to pretend like what you say even matters to anyone? I believe you should look inward and solve your own issues and stop judging someone you don't even know.


she looks like she did gain weight booooohoooo(who cares)
all you frackin people that think this is a problem need to get over it.(you need to focus on improving yourselves instead of critisizing others)
Look at ann wislon from heart. she is one of the top female time rock singers of all time. This woman is a legend and she definitely is way overweight. (who cares)


You look grea Kelly and sing not too bad either. LOL Keep it up! Don't feel the pressure!


Kc is sexy and gorgeous and curvy, and she likes it that way, she is having fun she is relaxing she is doing things her way as always and this means not eating an apple a day to stay a size 0 which might I add.. IS NOT A SIZE! she is a beautiful person both on the inside and the out. So back off people no one is perfect with their weight, and i'm no doctor but how on earth do those pictures make her even look pregnant... seriously are you looking at the same thing I am.. CLEARLY NOT!


Would you care to site your source of knowledge? How exactly do you know anything about what might be occuring in her uterus? Do you have any reasonable explanation for the massive and rapid weight gain? As for who cares? I think all of her fans care about her health and well being. I also think that making the statement that "People don't like being lied to." is a pretty safe bet.

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