Hot Couple Alert: Blake Fielder-Civil & Francesca Morralee

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NOTE: Francesca Morralee is 16.

Amy Winehouse is back in the UK and settling into a normal, quieter life in the suburbs of North London. But any tranquility she has may not last long.

Her estranged husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has grown close to a 16-year-old Essex schoolgirl who lives with her mom, according to the Daily Mirror.

Since being released from prison, Blake has reportedly been spending a lot of time with a AS-level student by the name of Francesca Morralee.

We have no clue what AS-level means, but does it matter? Girl's 16.

The Beehive

A pal tells the paper: "Fran thinks it's glamorous to be seeing Amy Winehouse's man but she's only 16 ... She likes to have a good time but certainly doesn't do drugs. With Blake's reputation he is not the best role model."

Wow, you think? In related news, The Bachelor is a sham, the sky is blue, bears defecate in the woods, and people named Simpson can't sing.

On her Facebook page (obviously) Francesca Morralee has gushed: "Fran has a secret! An exciting one!" and "Fran is so happy with her new boy."

We definitely expected Blake to be sent back to prison sooner rather than later, but assumed it would be on drug charges, not statutory rape.

CORRECTION: Apparently the legal age of consent in the UK is 16. Thanks to the reader who let us know - and woo hoo, Blake is in the clear!

Oh well. Click to enlarge more photos of A-Dubs out in N. London ...

Got Any Smack?
Shopping in North London
At the Grocery
Looking Surprisingly Normal
Wino Emerges
The Beehive Returns

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i know fran
shes a phsyco and her and blake deserve each other
she's been in rehab for a while aswell
no one likes her.


i live near fran, she goes to a school in my area and some of my friends know her.
AS levels are exams which you can take but arent compulsory - they are after GCSEs and you need to attend school for an extra 2 years to get them. you need them to get into university.
the consenting age is 16


maybe this francesca kid is just what her mental equal blake needs. lets hope she is not a tatooed mess like amy.


you sit your GCSE's when you are 16, AS Levels at 17 and A Level at 18. AS Levels aren't mock exams, they are actually qualifications.


You sit GCSE's when your 15. AS Levels are the mock exams/prelims/back up exam, whatever you want to call it for your A Levels. You can leave school after your GCSE's or after your A Levels. So, GCSE's when your 15. AS Levels are mock exams for your A Levels, which you sit when your 16 or 17, I forget which age.


AS Level is half way to an A level! you do it the year after your GCSE's.. i bet ive confused you even more! bah england!


As much as i would love Blake to head back to jail, the legal age of consent back home in the UK is 16 years old.

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