Hayden Panettiere Denies Raging Bitch Antics

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Hayden Panettiere has taken to OK! to clear up some nasty rumors that have been swirling about her lately - namely that she lost her cool at a charity event and is campaigning to oust her ex and co-star from the cast of Heroes.

Of her alleged outburst against a celebrity gossip reporter in Hawaii, the 19-year-old actress said: “I have tremendous respect for the media and reporters particularly the press who treat the people they are interviewing with dignity."

Hayden Panettiere, Hot Per Usual

"I am appreciative that the press has supported me, my career, and the causes I feel passionately about. While in Hawaii, a reporter grabbed me suddenly from behind and frightened me. It happens. Typically, the press has treated me with great respect.”

On her former boyfriend and co-star Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere said, “Milo and I are very close. We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy working together.”

For his part, Heroes creator Tim Kring says his stars' relationship status has nothing to do with how he and his staff are planning out the mediocre show.

"The final decision about which characters live and die on Heroes rests with me," he said. "I've made no announcement yet as to who will return and who won't."

So new Heroes spoilers to report, except that Hayden is perhaps less of a raging bitch than reported. Perhaps. Girl still needs to keep Paris away, though.

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And I wish people wouldn't think violence is okay, Clown Puncher, but apparently you're cool with it, which is NOT cool. I love how against Heroes the maker of this gossip website is, and yet, none of us care what their OPINION about a show is. Now, I don't like Hayden hanging out with Paris, but I know she's a good person.


I wish Chris Brown would punch her too