Happy Birthday, K-Fed!

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While Britney Spears went clubbing and performed in Montreal, the former Mr. Britney Spears rang in his 31st birthday when the clock struck midnight.

He celebrated by raking in a cool $5,000 for the week to watch his own kids.

We expect more grandiose festivities will go down in his home away from home (Las Vegas) before long. But for now, the FedEx man is officially on daddy duty.

Which basically means having bodyguards watch Sean Preston and Jayden James while he goes bowling with Victoria Prince or hits the links with his ex father-in-law, but hey, that's just how K-Fed rolls. Don't be a hater, bitchez.

K-Fed lets one rip as Jamie Spears looks on.

Here's wishing the fertile aspiring rapper and clothing designer a happy day o' birth. So light up a cigarette, crack open a 40 and click to enlarge lots more pictures of the great Kevin Federline through the years. He is one of a kind:

  • The Big Sleazy
  • Federlizzle 4 Shizzle
  • Fedex Man
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K Fed could have been the best white rapper since Vanilla Ice! but all the Britney drama distracted him from getting his first album correct and it bombed. K Fed lost confidence in his rapping ability and gave up on life, now all he does is golf, bowl and eat like a pig. He bacame a total failure and I blame Britney for all this.


what a douche