Dean Sheremet is Gay, His Cousin Pebbles Says

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After a week in which LeAnn Rimes was apparently outed for banging Eddie Cibrian while married to Dean Sheremet, a new rumor has surfaced claiming Rimes was merely her husband's beard. To be more specific, Dean is supposedly gay.

So claims his cousin Pebbles, anyway.

Yes, we're serious. A woman identifying herself as Dean Sheremet's "cousin Pebbles" phoned Michigan's Mojo in the Morning show Friday and dished about their marriage - which they admit is currently in a rough patch - and his sexuality.

LeAnn Rimes's rep responded that "There is no known cousin Pebbles."

Shocking revelation there.

Is Dean Sheremet gay? That's the latest rumor in the LeAnn Rimes cheating scandal. She's supposedly been having a steamy affair with actor Eddie Cibrian (right).

On the radio, so-called "Pebbles" declared that Dean Sheremet "doesn't care" about LeAnn Rimes' affair with Northern Lights co-star Eddie Cibrian because he's gay.

The woman added that Dean Sheremet has "been gay since he was probably five.”

Rimes' rep's response, in full: "Although Dean and LeAnn never knew they had a cousin named Pebbles, they are glad to hear she has come out of the woodwork."

"Dean and LeAnn are also interested in connecting with their other long lost family members: Fred, Wilma, Barney and Bamm-Bamm, along possible others."

Ha, well played, rep of Rimes. This still doesn't explain the video of her with Eddie Cibrian on a steamy date, but it's probably safe to say Pebbles is a fraud.


Hello people!? Of course he's gay! I don't know who they were trying to fool by getting married. Years ago I saw an episode of MTV Cribs with LeAnne and Dean. I knew INSTANTLY!


He use to be a ballerina dancer for goodness sake! Watch Cribs! He and LeAnn pointed out a picture on their wall when he use to be a ballerina dancer and he even admitted it. He may not ever come out of the closet but anyone can tell he is gay. I guess it finally took this long for LeAnn to realize that and I'm glad she has found someone who is actually a real man!


Of course he is gay. He was a regular at the gay night club "PLAY" in Nashville as his wife was well fine with him making out with the male bartenders while she laughed and watched drag shows.


This is my first time seeing him. Obviously he is GAY

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