Chris Brown Case Falling Apart For L.A. District Attorney?

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Following their heartwarming reconciliation in Miami last weekend, Rihanna is now reportedly refusing to press charges and/or testify against boyfriend Chris Brown.

He was arrested for "allegedly" assaulting her February 8.


The Los Angeles District Attorney and investigators have been working overtime to try to build a case against the singer, but no charges have been brought forth against Brown, who is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow (March 5).

Now it looks like their biggest hope is now backing down.

A file on the case, including Rihanna's initial statement to police as well as witness accounts, was to be handed to the L.A. District Attorney this week.

Even without Rihanna's help, California law allows prosecutors to charge him with domestic violence, battery, criminal threats, even attempted murder.

But the question is: do they have evidence to make a felony stick, or is there a chance Brown will be let off the hook or merely slapped on the wrist?

As far as the couple's reunion in Miami on Saturday, it's rumored that Rihanna and Chris Brown did more than just work out their differences.

According to a report by Star magazine, he may have proposed to her.

The celebrity news magazine says that Chris Brown apologized for treating her like a speed bag, begged for forgiveness, and proposed on the spot.

NOTE: The speed bag bit was us, not Star. But have you seen that Rihanna pic?

"All she's ever wanted was to be with him forever," a source said. "Rihanna is looking for the husband-and-two-kids deal before she turns 25."

Mmm hmm. Sure, Star. While all this wedding nonsense is almost certainly BS, there's no doubt they are back together and going strong.

But should they be?


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They will end up dropping the charge, especially if they dropped michael jackson messing with kids. I saw some crazy stuff at where they have a game to beat up chris brown then kiss him, u should play, lol. Be easy everyone


Yeah, Star may be crazy , but Rihanna is crazier. Iam sure, by March 8th, she would have got to banging him again and by June, get ready for her knocked up news and all that..Looks like Britney has inspired many crazy idiots..and the biggest idiot and fricking bastard of all..Rihanna's father...and then they say others illtreated Blacks? Look they illtreat themselves...

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