Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 57: Justin Gaston and Billy Ray Cyrus

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We thought it was gross enough that Miley Cyrus was dating 20-year old Justin Gaston. He's old enough to vote, buy porn and fight in a war.

She just got her license.

But then we saw the photo below of Gaston, following last night's date with his girlfriend at Mr. Chow’s in Los Angeles - and the relationship between he and Cyrus turned a whole lot grosser!

After all, is it just us, or does Miley's boyfriend look an awful lot like... Miley's father?!?

Justin Gaston is the protege, and possible future son-in-law, of Billy Ray Cyrus. Can you tell which man in Miley's life is which?

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Perfect work!


Good Point Right Now You Guys Team Work I Work You Maybe Whatever You Wanted And Me Well Thansks 21


thats fucking bull shit


Is it just me or do these guys resemble Cave Men?


i agree with bee
girls always end up with someone that reminds them of their dad
an boys always end up with someone that reminds them of their mom
like he/she said get over it!


its not gross, and they dont look that alike. it also a psychological thing that people are attracted to other people that look like their parents, or have similar qualities. so get over it already


they don't look alike - you are just a pervert trying to stir up stuff. Leave Miley alone.




I dont thank they look alike