Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 56: Allison Iraheta and Kelly Clarkson

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More than once so far on season eight of American Idol, finalist Allison Iraheta has been compared to the show's inaugural champion, Kelly Clarkson.

This may seem sacreligious to some, but the photos below will make it seem spot-on to others.

Has Iraheta been studing the original Idol winner? Compare their nearly-identical poses now:

Does Allison Iraheta look like Kelly Clarkson?

Meanwhile, another American Idol finalist has been compared to another major celebrity.

Let us know if you think Danny Gokey resembles Robert Downey Jr.!


please post photos of Ty Burrell from Modern Family and David harbour (played Scanlon in The Green Hornet) These 2 guys look alike

@ S Makers

Ty Burrell and David Harbour may look alike, but they speak in the same way as well. There has to be some kind of genetic connection.


Theyre not clones like some people say and they look alike just a little bit as in theyre both chubby and some feautres resemble but its mostly their singing style and way of singing and stuff which really resembles. allison mustve done it unconciously cuz while singing you're concentrating on singing and not copying on other ppls styles and allison sings really well just like kelly.


The two are far from being look alikes. My observation is Allison looks very much like Princess Fiona wife of Sir Shrek. Am I accurate?


Allison just turned 17, right? She's probably seen Idol from the first season. And probably, she is also a big Kelly Clarkson fan, like so many others. So I guess she either unconsciously or consciously catches Kelly mannerisms... But personally, I think Kelly Clarkson is "one-of-a-kind". And, nope, I don't think they look alike, at all..

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