Britney Spears Circus Tour Photos, Reactions

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Britney Spears' big Circus tour kicked off last night in New Orleans. Below are some reactions to her much-anticipated performance from around the country ...

"Despite some stumbles and several numbers in which her dancing was no more than adequate, Spears can safely call this performance a success." - L.A. Times

"Amid the spectacle, it's impossible to tell how much of the singing is real, but the crowd - female, mostly late teens to mid-20s, with super-short babydoll frocks the uniform du jour - couldn't have cared less." - USA Today

"Acrobats twirled as Spears sang and danced, showing off her toned body with flirty, seductive moves. She got frisky with two male dancers as she performed 'Touch of My Hand' while sporting a blindfold." - Associated Press

"Fans from nearby towns like Lafayette and places like Jackson, Mississippi, are carrying signs, singing Britney tunes, having impromptu dance-offs and letting anyone within earshot know that 'it’s Britney, bitch.'" -

"The nearly sold-out 19,000-seat arena broke out into an explosion of screams as Spears performed 'Toxic' and 'Baby One More Time' back-to-back." - People

"In addition to the many bells and whistles promised by her manager, magician, stylist, makeup artist, random folks, etc., Spears' desire to do good and make up for lost time was palpable, and that alone made for a thrilling experience." - E! Online

"On stage, Spears looked fit and dazzling dressed as a ringmaster as she performed more than a dozen songs in a parade of skimpy costumes." - Reuters

"She brought the circus to her hometown, and it was a success. It probably just would've benefited from a little more Britney Spears, that's all." - MTV

"Ahhhhhh Britney!" - concert-goer via Twitter

That about sums it up. Click to enlarge lots more photos from last night's show and other promotional Britney Spears pictures for the Circus tour ...

  • Freaky Circus
  • A Scary Britney
  • High-Wire Act
  • Britney Spears Circus Outfit
  • Everytime
  • Suggestive Circus
  • Best Circus Ever
  • SuperBritney
  • Very Bad Cop
  • Shakin' That Booty
  • Britney Spears as a Cop
  • Star of the Circus
  • Britney on an Umbrella
  • One For the Scrapbook
  • Britney Spears, Porn Star
  • Britney Spears in Concert

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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britney aca en paraguay todos somos tus fan y quisieramos que estees por aqui my sueño es conocerte en persona


She lipsyncs she is lyk a fake! no affence to her.....she is stil pree awsome..i still love her songs lol!


Cant believe people are actually enjoying watching this fat b***h mime through a whole show. its not real folks, its just a red neck american fleecing the public of their money whilst jumping about, out of time to the music. C'mon people get a life, get out their and support real musicians playing and most of all actually singing live. And no I am not your average hater, just someone with an opinion.


Mary,the anti-Britney doesn't lip sync.Ever.Her name is Avril
Lavigne.You might want to have a look if you've accepted lip syncing as routine.To me,it's unacceptable.


marcus/joem. who doesn't lip sync? beyonce does, justin, madonna and even jennifer hudson has and does. rihanna isn't miss innocent. talk about her given chris a disease. lol. get over it. britney is wonderful!


marcus/joem. who doesn't lip sync? beyonce does, justin, madonna and even jennifer hudson has and does. rihanna isn't miss innocent. talk about her given chris a disease. lol. get over it. britney is wonderful!


Joem, she was in the press, yes but not for good reasons! She was in them for not wearing underwear, shaving her head, attacking paparazzi, not taking proper care of her kids...I think you get the message but I think she has made a great comeback!


Sorry joem but I'll stick with the anti-Britney and anybody else who walks out there and tries to keep it real.If you don't sing you're not a singer.Word has it her management are already worried.


joem, what type of weed is that you been smoking cause I want some? Clearly you mistake being a train wreck with being popular. Beyonce, Pink and Rihanna are popular. Britney is a tragic whore/drug abuser/child abuser who couldn't handle her own fame and self imploded.


She doesn't need a so-called comeback.
Despite her troubles,she was still the most popular person in the world
during last three years. She never was away.